We’ve all been through a tough year. Some of us have barely left the house in months, let alone enjoyed ourselves with family and friends on vacation. Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, many have their eyes on vacation stress relief. However, the dilemma with taking a vacation to relax is that traveling increases stress for a lot of people. We’ve put together our list of 6 tips, including taking CBD sublingual oil, to reduce the stress associated with vacationing. We all deserve a break and  civil discourse ; what better way than to take a vacation this summer.

Airports and planes have never been stress-free environments. Wearing a mask on the flight and in the airport only decreases the experience. Here are our 6 tips to make sure your summer vacation is stress-free.


#1 Plan Ahead

Trip planning reduces stress. A well-executed will increase your overall quality of life. When a trip is planned correctly, your stress before, during, and after traveling will be manageable.

Don’t be that person rushing everywhere you go, forgetting items, and spending the holiday lost. Plan ahead so you can have some time for yourself.


#2 Bring CBD

Taking CBD capsules is legal if you are traveling within the United States. Make sure your packaging is clearly labeled as having under 0.3% THC and you won’t have any problems with TSA. Many people have had great success with taking CBD as one of the ways to reduce stress and get some sleep while traveling. This is a must-have for any long-distance trip.


#3 Have an Itinerary

Planning ahead isn’t enough. Make a list of what you need and what you want to do each day of your trip to reduce travel stress.

A stress-free vacation isn’t possible if you aren’t organized. You don’t have to account for every minute of your trip, but a general outline will give you a sense of relief each step of the way.


#4 Call Your Credit Card Company

Don’t leave before calling your bank to let them know you are traveling, especially if you are leaving the country. There’s nothing worse than not having access to your money in a foreign place. This is the fastest way to increase travel stress.


#5 Pack in Advance

Don’t pack the day of your trip. Think about what to take while traveling. Put some thought into what you need and pack a couple of days out. You don’t want to spend your precious vacation time shopping for underwear or socks. Pack in advance and do not forget your CBD edibles.


#6 Enjoy the Time

Remember that you are traveling to reduce stress, not give yourself a heart attack. Some people are unprepared and end up not getting and vacation stress relief.

A stress-free vacation takes preparation. But once you are in the moment enjoy the time. It is ok not to get everything you wanted to do. Enjoy the time and come back home less stressed out than you left.

2020 was a rough year. We are all ready to take a vacation. Traveling right now is not ideal and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better anytime soon. Preparing for your vacation is key to having a good time and reducing the stress while traveling.

We are huge believers in using CBD to deal with unpleasant situations. Flying was bad enough before the pandemic. Bring your favorite CBD products along for the ride to help cope with the stressful nature of traveling. Remember to check with local laws and be sure your products are clearly labeled.