Making coffee is a daily routine for millions of people. You can easily choose one of the best single serve coffee makers on the market and make a cup of coffee in the morning in a blink of an eye. This is how most people make their favorite caffeine drinks. However, there are some countries where making coffee has particular traditions and rituals. In this post, you will find out the most inspiring ones you can also try. 


Austria: Kaisemelange 

Austria has a large number of caffeine drinks for any taste and need. However, there is also a drink you will not find anywhere in the world. It is called Kaisemelange. It is a strong black coffee, where Austrian baristas add honey and egg yolk. If you would like to try this amazing drink, mix these two ingredients, and then pour black coffee slowly into the substance. By the way, this recipe is also incredibly popular in Northern Europe. 


Morocco: Nous Nous 

People in Morocco are also coffee lovers. There is a traditional drink they often make for their friends and family, called Nous Nous. What does it mean? This means half and half. The caffeine drink is very easy to cook. You need a small cup of strong espresso and a small cup of heated milk. Mix these ingredients in a ratio of 1 to 1 and enjoy having a fantastic drink! By the way, if you are looking for the best device that will help you prepare excellent espresso, consider choosing one of the affordable coffee makers with budget-friendly prices. 


Turkey: Traditional Coffee 

This is a classical strong black coffee that will be liked by most caffeine enthusiasts. As a rule, Turkish coffee is served in a small cup, also known as “fincan.” Keep in mind that it shouldn’t contain any sugar. Traditional drinks are made in a copper pot with a long handle, called “cezve.” Traditional Turkish coffee will help you refresh your mind and get lots of energy in a few moments. 


Finland: Kaffeost 

Finnish people are world known for their incredible hospitality. Drinking coffee is also a part of their traditions. Kaffeost is the most popular caffeine drink in the country, offered to thousands of tourists, too. If you would like to discover the magic of this drink, make a strong black coffee and get some cheese. Place the small pieces of cheese at the bottom of your cup and get a drink with an unforgettable taste. Most admirers report it is not only coffee but a delicious dessert. 


Saudi Arabia: Kahwa

This drink is always made from Arabic coffee beans that are considered to have the highest quality. They are brewed with various spices and are served in small handy cups. What makes Kahwa stand out from other popular caffeine drinks? It has a whopping number of health benefits because it contains different useful spices. Kahwa has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and can help you get rid of toxins. If you would like to kvell from consuming a delicious coffee and feel healthier, Kahwa is right what you might need. 


Ireland: Irish Coffee 

This coffee has a great number of admirers in different countries worldwide. If you don’t mind trying a caffeine drink with alcohol, Irish coffee is one of the best options you can try. Although it is considered to be a winter holidays drink, you can consume it anytime. It is easy to cook so that you can make it yourself. The original drink consists of hot coffee, whiskey, and cream. Make sure to make strong coffee and choose only Irish whiskey to prepare a perfect traditional Irish coffee. By the way, if you are a sweet tooth, you can also add some sugar to your drink. 


Senegal: Cafe Touba 

This is a unique drink you can hardly make at home. The reason is that it has some secret ingredient, called Touba, that can be found only in Senegal. The locals roast the beans with black pepper and cloves. They also add Touba to coffee. This ingredient has an astonishing number of health benefits. It can reduce or eliminate stomach pain, fight different respiratory symptoms, and even help you cope with depression. 


Greece: Frappe

This is the only cold drink on our list. The secret is that Frappe contains ice, being one of the most demanding drinks in sunny Greece. To prepare Frappe, you need to make coffee, add some milk, water, sugar, and ice cubes. It is incredibly refreshing and invigorating. 

Many other countries have traditional coffee drinks. These are Italy, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cuba, Colombia, Malaysia, Argentina, and others. Of course, it is better to try traditional caffeine drinks prepared by locals. However, many types of coffee can be easily made in your kitchen. Just look for the detailed recipes online and get ready for experimenting!