By Martin Ruffell


THE INCREDIBLE moment an urban explorer stumbled across a CREEPY MANSION left abandoned for THIRTY YEARS has been caught on camera.

Former plumber and now full-time urban explorer Colin Smith (36) from Hampshire, UK, who goes by the name of ‘The Bearded Explorer’ on YouTube was driving home from a job on the outskirts of north London when he spotted the long overgrown driveway of a mansion.

Footage from inside the eight-bedroom property which dates back to the 1930s showed the kitchen, former servant quarters, and a bell system where owners could ring the servants, who resided in their own quarters, for assistance.

The garages of the mansion, like everything else, lie empty. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

Silver-plated cutlery, a grand piano and newspapers dating back to 1954 lie strewn across the property.

Sell-by dates on old food cans and newspapers suggest the property has been abandoned for around 30 years, however the reasons for its abandonment remain a mystery.

“I came across this amazing house completely by accident,” Colin said.

An upstairs bedroom littered with magazines, furniture and broken personal items. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

“I was driving in the area for a job when I noticed the stunning architecture which really drew me in.

“The driveway and all of the windows were completely overgrown, so I knew it had been left for a long while.

“I dropped a pin in the map on my phone and then a few days later I went back with my girlfriend and my mate and we had a look round.

The abandoned mansion has been left empty for decades. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

“Normally these chance discoveries tend to be the better ones for urban explorers as the chances are that no one has been there yet.

“It was quite creepy because it was so dark and the house was so big. It didn’t look as if it had fallen into a dangerous state of repair.

“If I had to guess, I would say that the house was perhaps sold to a property tycoon who simply didn’t have the time or resources to renovate it.

The glorious architecture of this 1930s home is on full display, despite its deteriorating condition. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

“When I put a torch in a room and realised just how big it was with the tall ceilings, it was really unexpected.

“The attention to detail in every room was incredible. They must’ve spent an absolute fortune doing it up.

“One of the most interesting finds was the bell system in the hallway and kitchen. Each room had its own bell which linked up to the kitchen.”

A bell system connecting each bedroom to the servant quarters was discovered in the mansion. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

The experience of finding such an incredible home is a bittersweet one for Colin who whilst loving the thrill of the find, admits that it can be upsetting to see such incredible homes fall from their former glory.

“I imagine that in the past the owners of the home must have had servants and the bell system was used to let them know when they needed something.” Colin said.

“Some of the personal items we found were incredible.

Newspapers dating all the way back to the 1950s were found inside the abandoned mansion. Mediadrumimages / @thebeardedexplorer_

“There was a pair of glasses left eerily on a chair covered in dust, newspapers dating back decades and silver-plated cutlery in the kitchen.

“It’s these personal items that really spark your imagination when exploring a home like this.”