Wedding planning can seem stressful. When you start looking into local venues it is easy to get swept up in all of the planning. Locations that are not banquet facilities will require you make decisions such as which caterers to choose from, bartending companies, serve staff, banquet supplies and then other wedding add on services such as wedding photographers, videographers, bakers and DJ’s. 


Destination Weddings

Destination weddings may seem like more of a hassle to plan but this fear is very far from the truth. In many cases, destination weddings are easier to plan than local ones.


Destination Weddings Feature Package Deals

Rather than browsing through books and books of service providers you are limited to what the resort or cruise ship offers when you decide upon a destination wedding. This means all of that guess work and busy work is completely eliminated. All of the free time can be put towards work, home, decompressing, or simply enjoying your loved one


Everything Is Rolled Into The Wedding Package

It is much easier to keep track of one bill that is owed. Multiple vendor bills require spreadsheets and great organization skills. Destination wedding packages lump the prices into one easy to pay bill. This eliminates clutter and confusion. 

An added perk of everything being rolled into one package is not having to worry about being forgetful. Brides and grooms stress over every detail and worry that something is forgotten. A major worry is that one detail has gone neglected. With destination wedding packages every detail is included so there will be no stress over forgotten necessities.


Less Guests Attend Destination Weddings

Not everyone dreams of a big wedding. Some couples actually worry about how to pay for so many guests. The concern about the wedding and reception running smoothly for large groups is real. A destination wedding does limit the number of attendees. There is nothing wrong with hosting a small party when you get home from your special day, but the limited number of guests at a destination wedding makes the event more intimate and special. Cruise weddings and resort weddings are the most intimate types of weddings. Both can be a bit costly, with adequate planning time, loved ones will be able to budget accordingly and attend.


Instant Honeymoon

When you get married on a cruise ship or at a resort you are already at your honeymoon destination. How luxurious is it to go right from your ceremony to your honeymoon suite? You can pre-book massages and excursions and not have to worry about flights and check in times after a long night of celebrating with guests. Additionally, the destination location provides a much-needed vacation for your guests. You are not expected to embark on activities with your wedding guests but if you want to spend some time with them while on your honeymoon, it becomes an option. Your guests will completely understand your boundaries and not try to swarm in on seeing you while you are honeymooning.

Make the most out of your wedding and honeymoon. Enjoy a destination that speaks to your inner desires, it can be tropical or glacial. Either way, your wedding will be one to remember because you are enjoying the scenery and ambiance along with the celebration of joining your life with your soul mate. Cut out all needless wedding jitters by limiting the size but expanding on the experience.