The twenty nine year age gap makes no difference to these love birds. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

By Martin Ruffell


MEET THE twenty-year-old woman who is already a grandma after getting engaged to a man TWENTY-NINE-YEARS her senior and admits his grandchildren even call her ‘NANA’.

Photographer, Hannah Ennis (20) from Cameron, Illinois, USA, met her now fiancé, Sam Pruett (49) in September 2019 when they started working together at the local sheriff’s office as correctional officers.

Believing Sam to be a ‘stubborn old man’, Hannah certainly didn’t ever expect romance to blossom but after spending an increasing amount of time together at work, as well as hanging out at games nights with friends, the pair realised that falling in love was out of their control.

Hannah and Sam met whilst working together in the Sheriff’s office. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

Sharing a passion for photography, travel, movies and games, the love birds started officially dating on Valentine’s Day 2020. Both of the couple’s families had reservations about their whirlwind romance, with Hannah’s thinking that Sam was only with her for her youthfulness and Sam’s believing that Hannah was with him for his money, despite Hannah earning more than him at the time.

In July this year, the couple both decided to quit their jobs and move to Texas to start a new life together by the Gulf Sea. Then, on August 1, 2020, less than six months after first dating, Hannah proposed to Sam at their favourite spot by the ocean.

Despite Sam already having four grown up children Kyle (30), Logan (28), Jessica (25) and Samantha (24) from his previous marriage, kids are most certainly still on Hannah’s radar. Whilst Sam’s children, who are all older than Hannah avoid calling her mum, she has become a step-grandma to Sam’s grandchildren Lonna (12), Peyton (11), William (1) and Ellie Rose (1) and loves it when they call her nana.

Despite the age gap being twenty-nine years, the couple have fallen in love and are now engaged. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

The couple get odd looks when out together, with strangers often mistaking them for father and daughter – the pair have learnt to laugh this off.

“Sam and I met when he first started at the sheriff’s office,” said Hannah.

“We became great friends almost instantly. We hung out at game nights, went on little adventures, and grew closer.

Hannah and Sam got engaged just six months after they started dating. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“Before we knew it, we were falling in love. And it progressed quickly from there.

“At first dating Sam was not on my mind. I honestly thought he was a little stubborn and old. I never pictured myself dating him.

“After we started hanging out and I let my heart lead the way, I knew my soul needed him.

The couple spend their free time by the Texas Gulf coast. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“He also has an amazing kind hearted soul. He is the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

“Our relationship just works. There are a few little flaws such as the way we each do things, having slightly different ideas about parenting and different life experiences, but nothing major.

“Our families thought we were crazy though. Since I am younger, my family thought Sam was only with me because I am young.

Hannah and Sam sharing a kiss at the moment they got engaged. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“Sam’s family thought I was only in it for the money, which is crazy considering when we met I was making more than him.

“Overall, everyone has come around to loving and accepting us.

“Discussing marriage and kids has been the most difficult thing. I am twenty and want children and marriage, but Sam has four kids and was in an unsuccessful marriage that fell apart in the final years.

The happy couple embracing. They don’t care what strangers say about their unconventional relationship. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“He does want to get married and have more kids, but it isn’t something he is thinking about daily. We are currently trying for a little one.

“Sam’s kids now have grandbabies, so I am a grandma which is pretty sweet, yet hard to think about as I’m only twenty.

“The kids obviously don’t call me mum, but the grandkids do call me nana. It’s like Hannah, but with a grandma twist.

Hannah and Sam love photographing nature. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“People don’t say much, but the stares are real. My all-time favourite comment was when I was in the hospital a few months ago and the doctor asked, ‘Your dad is in the lobby and has asked you to come back’. I replied, ‘Sir that’s my fiancé’.”

Hannah believes that their relationship is much more special than her previous flings with boys her own age as Sam is less immature and more respectful than her former boyfriends.

“We plan on getting married and having a couple of kids,” Hannah said.

The couple’s families think they are crazy, but that makes no odds to the pair. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“Travelling is definitely a must and loving unconditionally of course.

“When you see someone every day, and your heart feels happy and complete, that’s when you know you are truly in love.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean they are your age, exact type and perfect.

Hannah and Sam share many hobbies together including photography, movies and games. MDWFeatures / @hannahennisss

“When you love someone, you just know it. You don’t have to question it.

“Even if they are twenty-nine years older, your soul will let you know.”