Straweberry snoot. mediadrumimages/@mr.bestbuddy/JacquelineFunken

By Alexander Greensmith


THIS ADORABLE pooch has been captured balancing all sorts on his nose – from a live snail to a Jelly Baby.

Side-splitting images showed Buddy (2) the German Pinscher mix as he balanced everything from a praying mantis to a one-ounce snail on the end of his nose.

Another snap featured the pooch patiently waiting with a three-inch chocolate doughnut sitting on his snoot.

Buddy can hardly see with this chocolate doughnut being balanced on his sniffer. mediadrumimages/@mr.bestbuddy/JacquelineFunken

Pest control worker Jacqueline Funken (30), of Laubach, Germany, is the proud owner of Buddy (2). She uses an iPhone 11 to photograph and post to their 19,000 followers. The hound was born in December 2017, and was adopted by the German six months later, where she would discover his special talent in a chance encounter.

“I tried to put a treat on his nose and that’s how it all started. We then kept improving and haven’t stopped since,” said Jacqueline.

“He always gets great treats after the photos, which is why he loves taking photos.

Buddy has over 19,000 followers on Instagram for his portraits. You can find his hilarious snaps at @mr.bestbuddy. mediadrumimages/@mr.bestbuddy/JacquelineFunken

“And I think the Instagram is successful because people like Buddy’s smile.

“Of all the pictures, I love the picture with the ladybug the most. It’s just too cute how the ladybug sits on his little nose.”

Buddy weighs 48 pounds. He is two-and-a-half feet long, with three inches of it being his legendary snout, which is greeted with boops on the nose by all things great and small.