This aerodynamic shot shows the scale of the task ahead for the female chilli pickers of Bogura, Bangladesh. mediadrumimages/@azimronnie/AzimKhanRonnie

By Alexander Greensmith


STUNNING pictures have captured the bustling people of Bangladesh as they work through the scorching heat.

Beautiful aerial images featured female farm workers picking their way through a sea of red chilli peppers, and a group of men who cycled whilst carrying over 40 pineapples.

Another photograph captured organised strips of red cotton, which measured over 500-feet-long, as they were dried out in the hot Narsingdi district sun.

Millions of grains of rice are laid out to dry at a Boguran mill, as workers brush them with leaves in the hot sun. The men and women work for eight hours a day in the boiling heat, making sure the rice does not burn as it dries off after being boiled, by regularly raking it out and then sweeping it back into hundreds of rows. mediadrumimages/@azimronnie/AzimKhanRonnie

The pictures of life in the South Asian nation were captured by photographer, Azim Khan Ronnie (33), from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He used Canon cameras and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone to capture these scenic shots of his country from above.

“I have taken over fifty-thousand aerial shots of Bangladesh,” said Azim.

“My country is beautiful but without aerial photography it’s very difficult to expose. The photos are taken at least one-hundred-feet away, and some from as high as five-hundred-feet.

Cattle being herded across the Jamuna river, one of the three main rivers of Bangladesh. The animals are having their daily bath and need to be herded almost two miles to reach the river bed. mediadrumimages/@azimronnie/AzimKhanRonnie

“The red chilli harvesters is my favourite photo. It’s very eye-catching with diagonal lines making patterns. More than two thousand people work in almost one hundred chilli farms in Bogura in Bangladesh to supply local spice companies with produce.

“I also wanted to express the message that women are always harder workers than the men in Bangladesh.”

Bangladesh has over 161,000,000 inhabitants making it the eighth most populated country in the world. It is also one of Earth’s most densely populated nations with an average of 2,864 people spread across every one of the 57,320 square miles.