Karac is tattooed from head to toe. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

By Rebecca Drew


THIS DAD was told he couldn’t work with children because the tattoos that cover his entire body including his HEAD, NIPPLES AND BUM were not a good example.

Residential practitioner and dad of four, Karac Wilson (39) from Sheffield, UK, is tattooed from head to toe in various designs which include names and portraits of celebrities and sportspeople.

Karac got his first tattoo, a quote on his chest which read ‘pain is love’, identical to that of rapper Ja Rule when he was 18. It wasn’t until 2014 that Karac decided to get heavily inked after being inspired by his favourite basketball player, Allen Iverson.

Karac with his daughter, Dakota. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

Since then Karac has spent a whopping 150 hours under the needle and has had his debut inking covered over with a series of intricate custom designs. Karac doesn’t read too much into the meaning of the tattoos he has and simply just gets one done if he likes it.

Karac has 17 portraits – which took between nine and 10 hours per sitting to complete – on his body of famous faces who include; Drake, Biggie Smalls, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Monroe and Eazy-E. Surprisingly though, Karac didn’t find his portraits painful, but the Johnny Cash and Heddy Lamar tattoos he has had done on his bum and nipples did hurt.

When out in public, Karac receives a lot of stares which he is used to, but his striking look has earned him modelling work for brands who love his uniqueness. His tattoos haven’t always benefitted him in the world of work, and he has faced discrimination in job interviews.

Karac is proud of his tattoos and he doesn’t let people’s impressions of him get to him. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

At an interview for a teaching assistant role, Karac was told he could not work with kids because his tattoos didn’t set a good example for them but now Karac has had the last laugh as he works with children as part of his social care work.

Karac’s own children, Soraya (17), Ameera (9), Marissa (5) and Dakota (1) all love his tattoos and take pride in telling their friends and teachers that their dad has his bottom tattooed.

“I had my first tattoo at eighteen then it wasn’t until the last six years that I got heavily tattooed,” said Karac.

Karac didn’t start getting heavily tattooed until 2014. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

“I was into basketball and my favourite player was Allen Iverson who had tattoos and that kind of inspired me to get ink.

“For my first tattoo, I was eighteen and I got a quote on my chest that said ‘pain is love. It was identical to one that rap artist Ja Rule had. Back then the tattoo artists did not do custom work so I had to bring in a photocopy of what I wanted. This tattoo was covered up later on.

“I’ve had my whole body tattooed, portraits, lettering, realism, and traditional; I don’t go too deep with the meaning and pretty much just get a tattoo if I like the design. My portraits all took between nine and ten hours a sitting.

Karac’s portraits of Drake and Allen Iverson. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

“I didn’t find my portraits that painful. My most painful would be bum cheeks and nipples.

“I get lots of people staring but I’m used to it now. I can’t say I’ve had many negative comments apart from when I went for a job as a teaching assistant. The lady interviewing said I could not work with children as it was not a good example having tattoos. It’s funny because I work with children and they all love it.

“Friends and family are cool with it, I think when I got my head tattooed they were shocked but they soon got used to it.

Karac with his daughter Soraya in 2009, before he was heavily tattooed.Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

“My kids don’t really know me any different at all. They tell all their friends and teachers that daddy has his bum tattooed.

“I never have any direct comments from other parents but I can imagine I get lots of  ‘what has he done to himself?’. I don’t let what other people say or think get to me, you only live once.”

Karac has spent £6,000 on his tattoos as he has been fortunate to be able to get most of them done for free due to his contacts in the industry. His head piece should have cost £2,500 but Karac got it done for free.

Karac’s impressive tattoos have earned him plenty of modelling work. Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

Karac has travelled all around the UK to get his tattoos with top artists in Leeds, Manchester, Hull and at tattoo conventions – he showcases his impressive inkings on Instagram under the handle, @kvrvc – where he models for clothing brands.

The coronavirus pandemic has temporarily put a hold on Karac getting any additional tattoos.

“I need to have my daughter’s name tattooed, ‘Dakota’ so that’s the next one I’m planning. It’s been a while since I’ve been tattooed because of the coronavirus.

Karac’s tattoos has earnt him modelling work.Mediadrumworld/@kvrvc

“I would definitely say do your research on good artists. You definitely get what you pay for so if an artist is cheap then I would avoid them.

“There’s a saying that good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good.”