By Martin Ruffell


THIS STRAIGHT man earns over three-thousand-pounds a month selling ‘sexy’ pictures of his feet to men and WOMEN online.

Jason Stromm (35) from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA has been quickly growing a following of foot fetish fans on social media and says that the money he is making from flashing his soles on OnlyFans is easily paying the bills.

Previously providing adult services online as a ‘webcammer’, in March 2020 the straight ‘muscle God’ turned to feet after one of his clients wanted to see nothing but the bottom of his soles during a webcam live session.

Jason with his feet to camera. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

The foot mad customer persuaded Jason to create an Instagram account to show off his ‘perfect feet’ and to his surprise he amassed a following of several thousand enthusiasts within the first month and now boasts over 5000 followers. Whilst he admits that 99 percent of his fans are male, there is a small but growing contingent of female admirers who are also keen to see his soles.

Referring to his clientele as ‘paypigs’ and ‘cash slaves’, terms often used by mistresses in the world of BDSM to turn them on, Jason has been incredibly successful in converting his 5000 followers on Instagram into paying customers on his OnlyFans account. A standard subscription to access Jason’s content is £6.10 ($7.99) per month, although he will provide you with a custom video if you have the funds. This, alongside tips from fans, brings Jason a cool £3000 per month at least.

According to Jason, male foot fetishism is becoming an increasingly popular niche. So, to stand out from the crowd, he provides his fans with not only pictures, but also six to eight minute long videos where he shows off his feet and uses foot fetish words to turn them on – something other ‘feet guys’ are apparently rarely willing to do.

Jason is also a male model. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

As for some of the more unusual custom requests, the 35-year-old says that a recent popular trend has been that of ‘giant fetishism’, where using different camera perspectives his clients pretend they have been shrunk down in comparison to Jason’s huge feet and muscles.

In reality, Jason’s own feet are a not so huge size seven and whilst he knows that bigger feet do hit the spot for some of his followers, he hasn’t let this hold him back. Using camera trickery, he says he is able to make his feet look much bigger than they are in reality.

With the 35-year-old having a foot fetish of his own, he’s in the ideal position to know exactly what his clients are looking for.

Jason with a friend, showing off their feet for his thousands of Instagram followers. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

“My clients have a foot fetish and the reason they support me financially is because it’s not something they can find for free online. I understand their fetish one hundred per cent because I also have a foot fetish myself,” said Jason.

“This little thing makes a huge difference for my fans versus other guys only posting images.

“It’s the only thing I do for work at the moment and I am able to survive. It’s enough for me to not have to work at a nine to five and it’s easy fun work.

‘Muscle God’ Jason by the pool with one foot in the air. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

“On an average month I earn £2k to £3k per month at least, although it is sometimes hard to tell honestly because I get paid for custom videos and tips also.

“The best part is how easy the work is and how much freedom it gives me. The worst part would probably be that I’m impatient and I’m not making as much as I want to make.”

But with his relationship with partners, friends and family being seemingly unaffected by his unconventional line of work, Jason is keen to continue to grow his audience and make more money in the process.

Showing off his feet which have been described as ‘perfect soles’. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

“The way I look at it is if the person who has a problem with me doing this and they aren’t paying my bills then I don’t care what they think at all,” he said.

“Most of my family and friends know what I do and they think it’s hilarious or they congratulate me for being able to make a living doing it. Let’s be honest not everyone can.

“I do often get offered to record or take pictures of friends or family’s feet after I tell them what I do.

Stromm giving his foot obsessed fans what they are after. MDWfeatures / @jasons_feet

“The plan is to continue growing my following and make even more money than I do now.

“I am always looking to improve and get better.”