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If you are looking for exotic wedding destinations, Bali is one of the most beautiful places you can get married. Commonly chosen as one of the best honeymoon destinations, you can start your vacation early by getting married in your ideal honeymoon destination. The beautiful landscapes and clear blue sea are some of the things that make this Indonesian island a dream wedding haven. 

Planning a wedding is generally stressful, and planning it in a foreign location does not make it easier. Here is a guide to ensure your Bali wedding is as exotic as you pictured it. 

Start planning early

For your wedding in Bali to be perfect, it is important to start the planning process early enough. The first thing to do before you say ‘I do’ is to secure a location in Bali. Wedding destinations in Bali are very popular and can fill up fast. Making an early booking will ensure you secure your favorite spot. The best time to book a Bali wedding destination is at least 12 months before the day. This is enough time to plan for the day, and it gives your guest enough time to prepare for the trip. Early planning ensures you have enough time to get everything done for the day. It is the best choice if you want to avoid the last-minute planning hustle. 

Picking a venue 

Because of its popularity as one of the best wedding destinations in Asia, Bali has a lot of exotic wedding venues to offer. They range from exotic beach venues to villa wedding venues to meet different tastes and preferences. It is always advisable to physically visit a venue before closing the deal. This means that you will need to visit Bali at least once before the main wedding trip. 

Being there physically will make it easier for you to scout different venues and get different ideas before making the final choice. Remember that the menu you choose for your wedding will also be dependent on the venue. It would be best if you considered this factor when picking a venue. 

Another thing you need to choose is the accommodation options for your guests. To make it easier for them, you can pick a few places for different budgets and present them to your guestlist for their choosing. 

Paying the Banjar fee 

This is a standard fee in Bali that most couples forget to consider when planning their wedding. For you to host a wedding in Bali, you need to pay the Banjar fee. This fee is what buys the permission to host your wedding here. The amount you pay depends on the village you choose for your wedding. Ensure you check for this information when booking your venue. This fee is charged as compensation to locals for putting up with the traffic and noise during the wedding. 

If yours is a villa wedding, expect to pay an event fee. 

Hiring a wedding planner 

A wedding planner is an essential service if you want your wedding in Bali to be a success. Since you cannot spend all your time in Bali for the planning, a wedding planner in Bali stands in your place in the process. Bali wedding planners are experienced and skilled in handling the pressure of planning a wedding in Bali. They are a good idea if you want to ease the planning stress on your side as having someone on the ground will make the process run more smoothly. Also, the wedding planner will ensure all the paperwork is ready before the wedding day. The last thing you need is for your wedding to be stopped because you haven’t paid for some fees. 

If you are not sure of the best venues, caterers, music, and entertainment, a wedding planner in Bali can offer the best recommendations. 

Planning a wedding in Bali can be challenging, but worth it in the end. With the right planning and the perfect season, your wedding will be one for the book.