By Martin Ruffell


CRY BABIES: If baby dolls make you feel a little uneasy, visiting this Mexican island might not be for you.

Footage shows the hundreds of terrifying dolls that inhabit the incredibly creepy ‘Island Of The Dolls’ in the Xochimilco borough of Mexico. In the video taken by Valery Narudinov who decided to visit the nightmare-inducing attraction on his honeymoon, a seemingly never ending number of dolls, some headless, some disfigured and others simply downright disturbing can be seen hanging from every tree, branch and fence on the island.

Creepy dolls hang from the branches of trees of this terrifying island in Mexico. mediadrumworldtv / Valery Narudinov

The legend goes that the dolls were placed on the island by its original owner, a man by the name of Don Julian Santana Barera, who did so after a young girl drowned in the waters surrounding the island in the 1950’s. Seeing a doll floating in these waters and believing it to have belonged to the deceased girl, he hung it from a tree both as a sign of respect and to ward off evil spirits.

He then continued to hang dolls all across the island for the next 50 years until his death in 2001. A death which some say can be attributed to the dolls themselves, as he apparently died in the same spot as the little girl was found some half a century earlier.

A creepy doll dressed in rags hangs ominously on a tree. mediadrumworldtv / Valery Narudinov

Yet whilst the Island is believed by many to be haunted, Valery insists that the island did not personally give him the jitters, saying “The place is not really creepy, just interesting. Maybe due to other people being there”, cautiously adding “if I stayed there at night, I might feel differently”.