You might have admired their charm, adored their performances, and got inspired by their speeches, but you might not have guessed that they have also earned their law degrees. Check out these renowned figures who have used their law degrees as stepping stones.

  1. Gerard Butler

Scottish actor Gerard Butler was a law graduate from the University of Glasgow before he tried his luck at acting. He was an accomplished student, becoming the President of the Law Student’s society during his college. 

However, soon after he began her career as a trainee lawyer, Butler realized that the legal profession is not for him. Getting fired from his job, he went on to work several odd jobs before landing a raft of notable acting roles in Hollywood’s blockbusters. 

  1. Ben Stein 

Ben Stein can not only pull off the role of probably the most boring high school teacher, but he can also throw in one or two tips for those who want to pursue law. Ben Stein was, in fact, the valedictorian at Yale, indeed not an easy school to get into at the time. 

Though he might be known for his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Win Ben Stein’s Money, Ben Stein also had a successful career in law, academics, writing, and politics. 

  1. Rebel Wilson 

Loved for her quirky, comedic characters and the pitch-perfect singing, the Australian actress kicked off her career with a degree in Law and Arts from the University of New South Wales. 

Not so later, she was inspired to pursue acting and moved to New York. She began training with an improv troupe, before heading home to Australia to start her acting career. 

  1. John Grisham 

Those who have read John Grisham’s books would not have difficulty believing that he holds a law degree. His criminal-justice background played a significant role in creating his masterpieces. Perhaps, it has more likely made his novels more believable. 

Grisham completed his law degree at Ole Miss in 1981. He started his career practicing as a criminal defense attorney, where a case inspired the premise of his first novel, A Time to Kill. 

  1. Steve Young 

Former NFL player Steve Young is not your stereotypical jock. He earned his law degree from Brigham Young University following his father’s path, who was also a successful lawyer. After retiring from the NFL, he is putting his law degree to good use and working in private equity. 

  1. Mahatma Gandhi 

The Indian activist has led the country to freedom from Great Britain in the 1900s. But what led him to such an undertaking was an in-depth knowledge of the country’s legal system. He went to England to study law at the age of 19. After completing his degree, he accepted the position of an attorney in South Africa, where he protested against Apartheid. 

Gandhi’s experiences practicing law across the world led him to take initiatives to protect his fellow citizens in the fight for independence. 

Apart from being an amusing read, there is plenty to be inspired from these journeys. If you are passionate about your goal, no degree or career could ever be a hindrance. In fact, it might even help you to achieve your dreams.