Located within the famous Great Plains territory, a trip to North Dakota should be on everyone’s bucket list. With its vast, wide-open spaces and spectacular scenery, you could visit this state for its views alone. That being said, there is a wide range of other attractions and sightseeing musts in the area, including some amazing museums, areas of cultural significance, and mouth-watering iconic foods to sample, including the famous knoephla and walleye.

However, with so many great cities to choose from in this popular state, how are you supposed to decide which destination to visit for your vacation?

Fortunately, all you need to do is keep reading to get the low-down on the top five North Dakota destinations, and then you can start planning your trip today.

1. Fargo – Best for outdoor recreation & local history

The most populous city in North Dakota, Fargo offers so much more to do than you might think, with museums, family days out, and a variety of local campgrounds for those who have chosen to visit Fargo in an RV.

The top ten attractions and days out in Fargo include:

  1. The Plains Art Museum
  2. The Roger Maris Museum
  3. Fargo Theatre
  4. Fargo Air Museum
  5. Red River Zoo
  6. Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm
  7. Bonanzaville USA
  8. Fargodome
  9. Newman Outdoor Field
  10. Lindenwood Park

Fargo is the perfect destination for those who love the great outdoors and want to embrace all the nature and wildlife that Fargo has to offer. Therefore, you should definitely consider looking into Fargo RV rental if you are planning a vacation to the area, so you can take advantage of the local scenery and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Some of the best campgrounds in and around Fargo include:

  • Red River Valley Fair Campground
  • Lindenwood Campground
  • Governor’s RV Park & Campground
  • East Ashtabula Crossing
  • Buffalo River State Park

You can even find local RV rentals that will deliver your chosen vehicle to your home so that you can utilize your RV from the moment you leave your driveway, providing you with means of transportation as well as accommodation. Think of it as a home away from home.

2. Bismarck – Best for art lovers

Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota and is full of history, culture, and art. After Fargo, it is the second most populated city in North Dakota and prides itself on its hospitability.

The top ten attractions and days out in Bismarck include:

  1. North Dakota Capitol
  2. Lewis and Clark Riverboat
  3. Boerth’s Gallery
  4. Dakota Zoo
  5. Hawktree Golf Club
  6. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park
  7. North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum
  8. Custer House
  9. Raging Rivers Waterpark
  10. Ecce Art Gallery

Bismarck is also an excellent option for those wanting a lively and vibrant vacation as downtown Bismarck has a whole host of eateries and bars that provide the perfect antidote following a hectic day’s sightseeing.

3. Grand Forks – Best for sports & activity enthusiasts

Situated along the west bank of the Red River in North Dakota’s Red River Valley, Grand Forks is rich in history and also has a thriving and exciting performing arts scene.

That being said, what it is most famous for is its hiking trails and varied sports offerings. The Greater Grand Forks area has around 43 miles of trails that accommodate hikers, cyclists, and skaters alike.

The top ten attractions and days out in Grand Forks include:

  1. Flood Memorial Monument
  2. Ralph Engelstad Arena
  3. Check out the art at the Empire Arts Center Gallery
  4. Wander along The Greenway Trail System
  5. Watch birds at the Japanese Garden
  6. Visit Turtle River State Park
  7. Play golf at Lincoln Park Golf Course
  8. Visit Grand Forks Air Force Base
  9. Check out the University of North Dakota Football & Hockey teams
  10. Get wet at Splasher’s of the South Seas Water Park

4. Medora – Best for musical connoisseurs & nature lovers

For those who crave a bit of tradition and history, or just want to escape the pressures of modern-day life for a while, Medora is the ideal North Dakota vacation destination.

Arguably its most famous attraction and biggest draw is being surrounded by the breath-taking and unspoiled Theodore Roosevelt National Park. However, this is not all that Medora has to offer to those who choose to visit the area, with this city providing a whole host of indoor and outdoor activities that all the family can enjoy.

The top ten attractions and days out in Medora include:

  1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (obviously!)
  2. The Wild Canyon Trail
  3. The Coal Vein Trail
  4. The Medora Musical at Burning Hills Amphitheatre (summer only)
  5. Maah Daah Hey Biking Trail
  6. The Chateau de Mores Historic Site
  7. Billings County Museum
  8. Bully Pulpit Golf Course
  9. Medora Children’s Park
  10. Medora Mini Golf

5. Walhalla – Best for water sports fanatics  

Located along the Pembina River in the Rendezvous Region of North Dakota, Walhalla offers a plethora of outdoor activities, especially water-based ones, making it the perfect vacation destination for active adventurers. Globo Surf provides the world’s best guides on stand up paddle boards and surf related sports.

The Pembina River itself allows for many water sports, including canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and water skiing. Along with this, the Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area also provides a location for land-based sports, including hiking, bike riding, and horseback riding.

The top ten attractions and days out in Walhalla include:

  1. Walhalla Goldfields Railway
  2. Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine
  3. Bruntons Bridge
  4. Walhalla Tramline Walkway
  5. Baw Baw National Park
  6. The Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area
  7. The Tetrault Woods
  8. The Highway 32 Diner
  9. Gingras Trading Post State Historic Site
  10. Walhalla Country Golf Club

Hopefully, the points above have convinced you to take a chance on the North Dakota area for your next family vacation. With cities to suit all budgets and vacation requirements, you should definitely start planning your trip to one of the above areas today.

What have you got to lose?