When you are pregnant, it can be very stressful and it can get even worse as you grow nearer to the due date. Of course, you’ll be excited to meet your baby for the first time but no one has ever said pregnancy is easy. This is why many expectant mothers and their partners head off on a babymoon before the big day as one last trip. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend and you will soon see why.

Here, we are going to give you our best tips for planning a perfect babymoon. Keep reading to find out more about this.

When To Go

One of the most important things to consider when planning your babymoon is the time that you are going to travel. Experts suggest that travelling by plane when you are in the early stages of your pregnancy can be the most dangerous and so it is better to wait until your second trimester. Of course, you need to get the timing just right so that you are not too close to your due date. Consider asking your doctor for advice before you book anything and they should help you to figure out when is best to go on your trip.

Where To Go

There are a number of places that you can visit on your babymoon but the best locations as those that are relaxing. It can be a mistake to head somewhere like a big city that is going to be busy as you’ll get tired and it can be dangerous if there is a lot of people around you. This is why heading to the Greek islands for your babymoon might just be the perfect escape. Some of the most stunning Greek islands include Mykonos and Santorini. In Santorini, you’ll get great food, stunning villas and plenty of sun to relax in. We suggest choosing a villa for the ultimate relaxation trip.

What to Do

When you are heavily pregnant, you can’t always do as much as you’d like. You’ve got a large bump and a baby inside of it to look after. This is why you should try to spend as much time as possible on your babymoon relaxing. If you do happen to head to Santorini or one of the other Greek islands, we suggest spending plenty of time in the water. BlueVillas offer infinity pool villas which will make the perfect escape from reality. Relax in your infinity pool Santorini, take a look around the local shops, stop for a bite to eat and you’ll have plenty of fun on your babymoon.

Things To Pack

Everyone knows that pregnancy can be tricky and sometimes things happen unexpectedly. This is why you should make sure that you have some sort of emergency bag with you if anything were to go wrong. Think about bringing some things for the baby just like you would have packed at home. You should also make sure that you have items that will cover you up so that you are not getting burnt by the sun. You can find plenty of lists online that help you to figure out what to bring on your babymoon.

What To Eat

Finally, you should consider what you are going to eat when you are on your babymoon. As a pregnant woman, you might find that you have to avoid certain foods as they could harm the baby. It is a good idea to do some extra research on this and the local cuisine of the location that you are visiting. Usually, you should avoid things like soft cheese and partially cooked eggs. In some places like the Greek islands, for example, you might struggle to read menus and this can cause problems. Make sure that you state that you are pregnant and the locals should help you to navigate the menu. It might be useful to bring some essentials with you but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding food that is suitable. Of course, the Greek cuisine is known worldwide for having stunning dishes!

Plan It Today

If you are currently pregnant then you might already be thinking about planning your babymoon. While it might not be something which is done traditionally, it is becoming more popular as parents realise that they won’t have much time to travel once they have their baby.

When planning your trip, make sure that you think about everything that we have discussed here in this article. Think about choosing a stunning Greek island and make sure that you choose the right time of year for you and your family. Hopefully, you will have an amazing getaway and be ready for your beautiful baby when it finally makes an appearance.