By Scott Thompson

THIS WOMAN didn’t care about being overweight until she had her first child and realised she couldn’t keep up with her – so in a bid to be a BETTER MUM she lost over SEVEN STONE.

Hairstylist, makeup artist and mother of two, Ali Bruch (27) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA has always been overweight. Even when she was in middle school, she was obese and would binge eat.

Ali was confident growing up and didn’t let her weight bother her. It wasn’t until she saw photos of herself that she was shocked at how large she actually was.

Ali says weight loss in incredibly hard but well worth it. MDWfeatures / Ali Bruch

But, at the time, Ali wasn’t prepared for the hard work that comes with losing weight.

Ali and her husband Jacob Bruch (30) have two children Myra (5) and Mackston (1). With her first born, because Ali was 19st 4lb and a dress size 22, she was unable to physically keep up with her daughter.

By 2017 Ali decided she had to make big changes and drop the pounds so she could be active with her child.

Ali adopted a keto diet which means she mostly eats fat and protein and keeps her carbohydrate intake under 20g per day as a way for her body to burn fat at an exceled rate.

She also incorporated intermittent fasting, so she only eats her meals between 12:00 and 18:00.

After 15 months she managed to bring her weight down to 12st 1lb and a dress size eight.

Ali was obese even from middle school. MDWfeatures / Ali Bruch

“I just really didn’t care about my weight. I was even overweight as a child,” Ali said.

“I was always pretty confident, even back then and it didn’t really make me think until I saw pictures of myself. I would say, ‘Hmm is that really what I look like?’.

“But I knew weight loss was hard and I wasn’t ready to confront it so I just got on with life and carried on eating the same as before.

“I’d always binge on over 3,000 calories worth of pizzas, burgers, crisps and sweets and never think twice about it.

“When I had my first child I realised I couldn’t keep up with her. I was always out of breath running around after her and playing with her. I just had no energy and I knew I had to change. I wanted to be the best self I could be for my daughter.

“I decided to change my diet and follow a keto diet. I now keep my carbohydrates below 20g a day and I eat about 1,400 calories a day.

Ali was told she’d be pretty if she lost weight. MDWfeatures / Ali Bruch

“I do eat a dirty keto diet though and my foods consist of things like eggs, bacon, sausage, loaded veg, taco salads, ham and pickles, whipped cream with berries, lunch meats, chicken wrapped in bacon, burgers with mayo and cheese but no buns and low carb chocolate bars.

“I also intermittent fast so I only eat my meals between 12:00 and 18:00.

“I don’t exercise apart from being active running around after my two children, but I’ve still managed to get right down to 12st 1lb and only want to lose about another 1st 6lb.”

Although Ali has had a few negative remarks from others telling her she’d look better if she was thinner, she feels very lucky to have a partner who loved her even when she was bigger and he has supported her journey the entire way.

“Back when I was on the dating scene men would tell me I’d be so pretty if I lost weight,” Ali continued.

From fat to thin and gorgeous Ali changed her life. MDWfeatures / Ali Bruch

“My husband has been fantastic. He liked me even when I was bigger and met me at my heaviest. He’s been my biggest supporter and advocate and he’s even lost 1st 11lb himself.

“Losing the weight has changed my life so much. I can run around with my children and keep up with them. I’m not tired all the time. I have a newfound motivation that I never had before.

“I’ve also learnt a lot about myself. I have learnt that I am so much stronger than I believed and I’m so proud that I’ve managed to bring myself back down to the weight I was in seventh grade!

“When people see me now they say things like ‘oh my god you look amazing! What have you been doing?’

Ali couldn’t keep up with her children and this was the drive she needed to lose weight. MDWfeatures / Ali Bruch

“You need to make sure you’re starting out with the right mind set and that you are really ready to give this your 110%.

“Weight loss is hard, we all know this, that’s why people fail. Be sure you have a really good support network around you because they can really lift you up or tear you down. But also remember to figure out what works best for you as it might not be the same as what worked for someone else.

“Don’t forget to treat yourself, weight loss is about balance, make sure you’re still enjoying life while on your journey. Don’t look at this as a diet, look at it as a lifestyle change.

“Finally don’t focus on weight, focus on how you feel.”

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