Anna Johnson

Buy watches online: 7 advantages over physical stores

Buying watches online is the best option for those looking for fair price and variety, all without leaving home. Check out some advantages of opting for an eCommerce. The fashion and accessories sector is one of the flagship virtual stores: alone, it accounts for 14.2% of sales this month. This shows that buying watches over the internet is a very interesting option.

What are the advantages of buying watches over the internet?

A quality watch is more than a simple purchase, it is an investment. A good accessory can be your companion for years! Therefore, the ideal is that you take advantage of the advantages of a virtual store of watches to make the purchase. Check out:

More variety

When buying watches, even the luxury ones such as Rolex Explorer or Panerai Luminor Gmt over the internet, you have access to several stores, all a click away. It is quite different from looking for products in physical stores: you are limited to the stock of each establishment and often have to visit several of them. In this respect, eCommerce wins: you have a lot more variety when choosing the perfect watch for you.

Possibility to check the experience of those who have already bought

Likewise, when buying watches over the internet you can check the comments of people who have already purchased the model you liked. Thus, it is possible to evaluate the operation, the design, among other factors that interest you. It’s another tool in your favor to help you make the best possible choice.

Off Season Promotions

The physical trade usually makes promotions in very specific times, like changes of collection, celebratory dates and when the establishment will change of point. E-commerce is more flexible in that: there are promotions more often. Likewise, certain dates are not usually taken advantage of by physical trade, such as Customer’s Day and Black Friday. But the electronic stores usually promote generous discounts on them! In addition, if you are a regular customer with a good relationship with a virtual store, you may receive exclusive promotions and discount coupons by email. It’s one more chance to make money.

Payment made easy

The terms of payment in physical stores tend to be more restricted compared to those of online establishments. Normally, the customer only has the option to pay in cash, in debt and in credit. Although it is possible to divide the value, physical establishments do not usually do so in many plots. If you choose to buy watches over the internet, you will have more flexible and advantageous payment terms. In addition to the longer installments, there is the option to pay by ticket and, in some cases, bank transfer. Likewise, eCommerce usually accepts a greater variety of credit cards.

There is a time for exchanges and returns

Those who make a purchase through the internet or through a catalog have the right to withdraw from the purchase within seven days after doing so. This is called the Right to Repentance, which is contained in the Consumer Defense Code. So in the exceptional case of buying a watch and regretting it, you can return it to the store without major problems – as long as the deadline is respected.

Possibility to buy watches for all occasions in one place

There are watches of all kinds, from the most sophisticated, such as classic watches to more formal occasions, or sports watches, which include features such as heart rate, compass and thermometer, ideal for physical activities. When buying watches over the internet, you can purchase different models and brands of watches in one place. In the case of physical stores, it would be necessary to visit several stores to find such variety.