To complete the Aristocratic Assembly drum - playing Earl of Wharncliffe rapped out the beat for his friends and debs. 1958. Mediadrumimages / TopFoto

By Mark McConville


STUNNING RETRO pictures have offered a glimpse behind the scenes of top British TV show the Six-Five Special in 1958.

Incredible images show compere Jim Dale introducing the debs’ chaperone for the night Lady Donegal, debs and their escorts dancing during the show and Olga Loubcheny whose moves ‘made all the boys stare’.

The girl who made the boys all stare Olga Loubchensy . A flared skirt for Olga – the sack and chemseo would hamper her gay abandoned movements too much. Escort Nikolai Ovsivesky partnered the most looked at girl of the evening. 1958. Mediadrumimages / TopFoto

Other striking shots show one woman looking adoringly at Calypso singer Philippe Fornando as she dances, the crowd arriving for the recording of the show and some of the debs and their escorts sitting out after the pace got too much.

The remarkable photographs were taken at the Six-Five Special television show in 1958.

The pace is hotting up … and Barbara Lyon and Tony Carvell dance with great abandon. 1958. Mediadrumimages / TopFoto

According to the original caption, top British TV show the Six-Five Special invited the top people to the studio. Britain’s Debs clad in the latest fashions – sacks, chemises – went along and rocked and rocked and rocked.

The Six-Five Special was Britain’s most informal TV show in which the audience were as important as the artists. TV cameras tracked through the milling dancers pointedly catching them unaware.

The pace is too much , the lights are too hot , the skirt is too tight so Jennifer Osborne and Richard Mason sit this one out. 1958. Mediadrumimages / TopFoto

Compere Jim Dale (Teenage Idol) introduced performers from all positions around the studio. The audience clustered as near to the singer as humanly possible.

As one cameraman said: “Organised chaos – but we screen a first rate show”. Producer Russell Turner (husband to Barbara Lyon of the famous Ben Lyon family) decided that the teenage fans of the skifflers and rock ‘n rollers had had their share of attendance and invited the Debs.