New Orleans: Bold colours and a sparkling set of wheels. Mediadrumimages/ Michael J. Dalle-Molle

By Alex Jones


THE KALEIDOSCOPIC colours of New Orleans have been captured in a series of stunning shots.

A shocking pink sportscar in front of a pastel pink house, a vibrant turquoise house with wooden shutters, and a tiny bright yellow home are shown off in a photo project showing off the ‘Big Easy’s’ bohemian neighbourhoods.

New Orleans: The sunlight beats off this turquoise property. Mediadrumimages/ Michael J. Dalle-Molle

Other incredible images include a tattered white/blue truck in front of a well-presented property and an eye-catching blue and red house in stark contrast to an orange American motorcar.

The photos were captured by Michael J. Dalle-Molle, 27, who is hoping to lend a unique take on New Orleans’ staggering beauty.

New Orleans: A battered white truck lends this photo atmosphere. Mediadrumimages/ Michael J. Dalle-Molle

He has collated his pictures on Instagram after starting the project in 2016.

“My photographs are not meant to be viewed individually, which is one of the reasons Instagram has worked so well as the vehicle for this project,” explained Michael.

“These photographs, one after the other, are intended to be viewed in multiples so the viewer can see how the colours, shapes, lines, forms, and details of our architecture – across all neighbourhoods, rich and poor – ties together to create a truly unique style.

“I absolutely love shooting architecture and houses, the more colourful the better. There is something about New Orleans’ homes that speaks to me in a deep way.”

New Orleans: Ornate touches catch the eye. Mediadrumimages/ Michael J. Dalle-Molle

New Orleans is typically associated with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which left 80 per cent of the city flooded, hundreds dead, and saw a mass exodus of residents in the years after the natural disaster.

But Michael’s photos show there is still life in the city yet, and still countless examples of inspiring architecture and paintwork across the metropolis.

“This project has become a storybook of sorts, showing people the unique beauty of New Orleans’ architecture at eye level – the way I see it,” added Michael.

New Orleans: Photographer Mike Dalle. Mediadrumimages/ Michael J. Dalle-Molle

“I want the message of my project to be different for everyone that gets pleasure out of these photographs.

“For some it is the colours, for others it is the details in craftsmanship… For me, it is just about capturing that perfect moment that shows the world how beautifully we live down here.”

Michael J. Dalle-Molle’s Instagram page can be viewed here.

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