Hidden Bay Condominium. Mediadrumimages / Jeffrey Milstein

By Mark McConville


AMAZING aerial images have offered a bird’s eye view of the vibrant city of Miami.

The stunning pictures show the vivid colours of Balmoral Conominium and St Regis Bal Harbour Resort, the private pools and the beach front as Canyon Ranch Condo and the large skyscrapers along the beach at Jade Ocean Condo.

Jade Ocean Condo Miami. Mediadrumimages / Jeffrey Milstein


Other incredible photographs show the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami, the Miami Hard Rock Stadium and thousands of mobile homes in Pembroke Park Lakes.

The remarkable snaps were taken in Miami, Florida by photographer Jeffrey Milstein (74), from Woodstock, New York, USA.

“It’s like travelling over a map of the city,” he said.

“You get a greater sense of order in space, and of the relationships between structure and the geography of the land.

Prive Island Condos. Mediadrumimages / Jeffrey Milstein


“Florida is very flat and water is so much a part of the landscape. You can discover things you wouldn’t be able to from the ground, like the different geometric shapes in housing layouts surrounded by water.

“This particular shoot was for my art dealer in the Netherlands, ARTITLEDcontemporary, for The Miami Basel art show.”

Milstein has had a fascination with flying since he was a young boy and he explained how he came to photograph cities in this way and just how he does it.

“About seven years ago I had a dream where I saw these glowing night photographs of the tops of buildings in NYC at night,” he said.

South Beach Collins Ave. Mediadrumimages / Jeffrey Milstein

“I woke up and thought that was amazing and I decided to get a helicopter to try and recreate what I had seen in the dream. That started this series of aerial city photographs.

“I use the best high resolution digital cameras and lenses available, mounted to a hand held Kenlabs Gyro. I have the helicopter pilot remove the door and I lean out to get the shots as the helicopter (or small plane) circles. It often takes many passes to get the photo.

Pembroke Park Lakes Mobile Homes. Mediadrumimages / Jeffrey Milstein


“Weather is always an issue. We had some passing rain showers to navigate around, and getting permission from the air traffic controllers to go where I want is always a problem if there are major airports nearby, which was the case here.”