By Mark McConville


INCREDIBLE images and video footage has revealed the stunning $55k off-grid tiny home of two British ex-pats in Australia.

Striking pictures show the building process as the couple got to work building their very own tiny home and the progress inside as the interior took shape.

Mediadrumimages / @whytinyhouse

Other amazing photographs show the final product with a wood burner the main feature of the living area, a dining table on the porch for al fresco dining and a modern kitchen as well as a cosy bedroom overlooking the rest of the interior.

Jan (51) and Kevin (52), originally from Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK, immigrated to Australia in 2007 with their three kids: Laura (30), Sarah (28) and Callum (22).

The ex-pats decided to downsize and starting building their tiny home in January 2018 before moving in last September.

“We researched into downsizing and freeing up finances and came across the Tiny House movement,” said Jan.

“Off grid means that there are no bills moving forward and we are able to live away from the usual services and so more within nature.

Mediadrumimages / @whytinyhouse

“It’s only been a short while but we love it already, its very peaceful in the woods and we love being surrounded by nature.  The minimalist lifestyle is very liberating, we’ve cleared out even more since we moved in and now only own things which we really need or love.”

The home is designed to be completely off the grid and doesn’t require any connection to services. Solar panels on the roof and a sizeable battery storage system provides the home with an abundance of energy, while a large water tank efficiently collects rain-water for the home.

The couple explained what they love about their new lifestyle and why they ultimately chose to move into a tiny house.

“Tiny house life allows us to be free of the usual bills and so allows us much more free time,” added Jan.

Mediadrumimages / @whytinyhouse

“We are also free of the huge amount of time spent on maintaining a normal size house and grounds.  Travelling will be a lot easier as we are able to just lock up and leave.

“Even though the house is on wheels we only plan to move it when we change locations probably every few years. We have only been living here five months and so only just beginning to plan trips.  We are off to New Zealand this month and then Thailand in April.

Mediadrumimages / @whytinyhouse

“It’s a very individual choice to make and not for everyone.  But if you think its a lifestyle you could live then go for it 100% as it’s not something you can do part time.  The down scale has to be in every aspect of your life but no regrets here.”

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