By Rebecca Drew


MEET THE couple who were told that it was unlikely that they would ever be able to carry their own children but stunned doctors by having TWINS and then TRIPLETS two-years-later and now have FIVE CHILDREN under the AGE OF FOUR.


Full time mum-of-five and part time online teacher, Nadia Sherwin (29) from Dallas, Texas, USA, met her husband, Robbie (32) in 2010 through mutual friends on a trip celebrating the Fourth of July where they instantly clicked and were inseparable, with Robbie proposing a year later.

Robbie and Nadia on their wedding day.
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Nadia always knew that she wanted to be a mum so as soon as she and Robbie married in 2012, they started to try for a baby. After a year of struggling to conceive naturally, Nadia’s doctor became worried as they were both fit, young and healthy, so ordered some tests to be carried out.


It was revealed that Nadia had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and with 37 cysts in her ovaries, it was unlikely that she would be able to carry her own children. Nadia’s eggs were unable to mature by themselves, so she started oral Femara and Clomid medication for 11-months which didn’t work and left her feeling very sick. Determined, Robbie and Nadia decided to try an injectable hormone, Gonal F, and were thrilled to learn that her body responded well and fell pregnant within a month.

The children.
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At her first ultrasound, the couple were overjoyed to hear they were expecting twins, Amari and Keona (now three), who were born via c-section in January 2015, weighing 5lb 2oz and 4lb 3oz respectively. After Amari and Keona were born, Nadia and Robbie decided they would like a sibling for their girls and started trying again immediately but as the twins were 18-months old decided to take the lowest dose possible of the injectable hormone, with the goal of having just one more baby.


Incredibly, Nadia and Robbie found out they were pregnant within a month and at her ultrasound scan were shocked to discover they weren’t expecting just one baby, but three babies. Doctors offered them the option of selective reduction for Nadia’s safety during the pregnancy but they declined, knowing that they were destined to bring three more healthy children into the world. Mila, Colette and Noah were born at 35-weeks in April 2017, weighing almost five-pounds each.  

Nadia with all of her children.
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“I felt absolutely vulnerable and inadequate. Knowing that I was not able to do the one thing I knew in my heart that I was destined for broke my heart,” said Nadia.


“Robbie felt helpless as he was not able to fix this problem for me. We clung to each other more than ever and only made it through by never giving up hope.

Amari and Keona.
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“We tried naturally for a year without knowing what was wrong. After one year, my doctor became worried that something was wrong. We went through a variety of testing and I was diagnosed with PCOS at that time. I had eggs available but my body had hormonal imbalances causing me to be unable to mature eggs on my own.


“After finding a medication that my body responded to, we became pregnant that very first month. I was completely overtaken with joy. It was the most amazing and victorious feeling that I have ever felt when I received the positive pregnancy test. At our first sonogram, when we found out it was twins, we were thrilled.

Nadia on the day she gave birth to the triplets.
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“The twins were doing great until 34 weeks when our maternal foetal specialist found that an artery in Keona’s umbilical cord had collapsed. Though she was not in immediate danger, she had stopped growing. We scheduled a c-section at that time and delivered at 35 weeks. Amari is the only baby that did not spend time in the Neonatal intense care unit. Keona spent 13 days at the hospital growing and learning to eat and breath on her own.”


Nadia went on to discuss her surprise at finding out she was expecting triplets, declining to selectively reduce the number of children she was carrying and how her second pregnancy was a smooth one without complications.

Nadia and Robbie announcing their pregnancy with the twins.
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“Knowing that I responded well to the medication with the twins we took the absolute lowest dose and monitored very closely with the goal of having one healthy baby. This is another way we know that each one of them was meant to be here with us. My doctor was confused and shocked when we found out,” she said.


“We were shocked but confident that we could handle anything together. My very first thought was that this meant I would have to leave my job as a classroom Kindergarten teacher and stay home with all of the children.

Nadia with the twins.
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“We had a strong and indescribable feeling that each of these babies was meant to be on this Earth. We live our lives confident that God does not make mistakes. When our doctor mentioned selective reduction for my safety, the thought seemed absolutely absurd.


“The thought of choosing which baby/babies would live made me sick to my stomach. I walked out of the doctor’s office and never went back. Our triplet pregnancy was nothing short of miraculous.

The triplets when they were first born and now.
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“No issues, no bed rest, no complications. Our specialist was dumbfounded each time we came back for our weekly appointments. We carried to 35 weeks and delivered via c-section for the safety of the babies. The triplets were each in the Neonatal intensive care unit for 10 days, learning how to eat on their own.”


Nadia and Robbie are busy being parents to five children who are all under the age of four and strangers are overjoyed to see them when the whole family go out together. Despite having their hands very much full, Nadia says that they would never rule out more children if the opportunity arose.

Nadia and Robbie with their five kids.
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The pair set up their family Instagram and YouTube pages to celebrate their sometimes chaotic  lives and have since connected with thousands of others from around the world.


“We do everything as a team and parenting five under three when we first brought the triplets home was a true test of our teamwork. Sometimes tasks we have to divide and conquer, other tasks we take on together as a team,” said Nadia.

Amari and Keona with their triplet siblings.
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“I know that even though it can become stressful at times, it has made us fall more in love with each other.


“We cannot leave the house without comments from the people that we see. Surprisingly, we are never bothered by it. We love to share joy with others, which is part of the reason we have shared our family on social media.

Nadia and Robbie with Amari and Keona after they were born.
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“We believe that everything in life happens for a reason and if there ever came a time where we were blessed with another child we would welcome the blessing whole heartedly.


“We love to share our family with others. People seem to be drawn to our realistic parenting lives. We hope to be a voice for infertility and help people through any struggles they may be having.

The triplets after they were born.
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“We started YouTube and Instagram at first as a place to document memories and share them with our family, but it has blossomed into a beautiful community to connect with others.”


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