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INFERTILITY left this couple yearning to start a family, so they fostered two baby boys before mum became pregnant and unexpectantly gave birth to TRIPLETS.


Former drug and alcohol therapist, Mallory Jo Williams (27) and water supervisor for an oil and gas firm, Michael Williams (30) from Pennsylvania, USA, felt like their dream of having a family was doomed, until their adoption agency gave them two young boys to care for, and their IVF attempt gave them healthy triplet girls.

Mallory and Michael seen with their triplets. Mallory Williams /


After struggling with infertility for such a long time, Mallory and Michael went from having no children, to five children in the space of just two years. Following two years of failing to conceive naturally, the couple were placed with Chase and Dylan in December 2016 while the boys’ biological mothers went through court proceedings to confirm whether they were fit to look after their sons.


Through the many court appearances and monitored visits, Mallory and Michael continued their IVF fight in July 2017 as Mallory had longed to carry her own children. However, their fresh embryo transfer failed and so they were put on the list for a frozen embryo transfer, which took place in September 2017.

The triplets were born on May 7th 2018, after a C-section at 35 weeks.
Mallory Williams /


The frozen transfer was a success and Mallory and Michael were overjoyed at the possibility of extending their family, without realising they would be extending it by three more babies.


“I was able to control every aspect in my life until getting pregnant,” Mallory said.

The triplets cocooned together.
Mallory Williams /


“Michael and I had always wanted to adopt since we began dating, so when we had trouble getting pregnant we figured it was destiny that we should go down that path.


“We chose the ‘Foster to Adopt’ route because we thought it would be great to help children in our immediate area.

The Williams family were able to adopt Dylan officially on June 29th, 2018.
Mallory Williams /


“We had to wait approximately six months for our first placement which felt like forever!


“We were very surprised however to get a call in the middle of the afternoon saying the family services would be dropping off an eight-month-old boy named Chase in a couple of hours. We were beyond excited and had to rush to make sure we had everything!

Dylan’s adoption day in June.
Mallory Williams /


“This was a shelter call which meant we were a temporary shelter until Chase went to court 48 hours later. He ended up going back to his biological mother after which crushed us.


“Not even three days later we received a placement call for a six-week-old named Dylan. So, we went to visit him in hospital where he was detoxing from several substances and we fell in love with him instantly.

Dylan in the autumn of 2017.
Mallory Williams /


“As fate would have it, we got a call from the agency saying Chase’s court decision was overturned and he’d be re-entering the care system, so would we like to welcome him back? It was a unanimous yes!


“We were slightly overwhelmed to go from zero children to two in seven days.

Dylan was brought to the couple in December 2016, and they officially adopted him in June 2018.
Mallory Williams /


“Fostering was the hardest thing I ever did. We treated Chase and Dylan like our own, but I was always terrified that someone would take my baby away. We lived from court date to court date.”


Mallory and Michael didn’t give up hope on the possibility of carrying their own child, so after trying all the natural remedies they could, they agreed to do IVF. Mallory put aside her fear of needles and blood to go through with the process.

The triplets were the Williams’ IVF miracle after years of struggling with fertility.
Mallory Williams /


Mallory had 26 eggs retrieved, 13 of which were viable to use. So, initially they put in one of their seven embryos, which unfortunately wasn’t prosperous. Two months later, they agreed on putting two embryos in, figuring the most unlikely situation would be to have twins.


“Every month was so depressing when I got my period. I cut out caffeine and alcohol in the hope it would help,” added Mallory.

The triplets in their three pushchairs.
Mallory Williams /


“I would feel really guilty that the one night out with my girlfriends would be the reason I wouldn’t get pregnant. I tried everything from natural herbs and vitamins, to asking my doctor for help.


“My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with Michael or I, so we tried for three years before deciding to start IVF.

Mallory and Michael on their wedding day.
Mallory Williams /


“We tried conceiving naturally from October 2014, and eventually tried IVF in July 2017, and finally got pregnant from a frozen embryo transfer in September 2017.


“We said so many times that we didn’t care how many we had, we just wanted to get pregnant. But I thought I’d miscarried the night before our first ultrasound and I cried all day.

Mallory on the day of her baby shower before the triplets were born.
Mallory Williams /


“The doctor told me to take it easy, she didn’t think I was miscarrying, but I would find out the next day, so I was prepared for the worst.


“The tech put my mind at ease saying, ‘things look good, I’m just trying to get a picture of them smiling’ – she said ‘them’!


“We immediately thought it was twins, so we were very giddy when we were in the waiting room before seeing the doctor, who then told us it was triplets. All we could do was laugh!


“My doctor took me out of work at 20 weeks and I had appointments every week, and ultrasounds every other week. I made it to 35 weeks with no complications before my scheduled C-section.


“The girls were born on May 7th, 2018, named Avery Jo Williams (5 lbs 1oz), Emery Jo Williams (4lbs 12oz) and Bradley Jo Williams (4lbs 8oz).”


After dreaming of a family for so many years, Mallory and Michael suddenly had their wish come true with five beautiful children under their roof. They officially adopted Dylan on June 29th, 2018 and are currently finalising their adoption of Chase to complete their family.


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