By Liana Jacob



MEET the sexy red-head who struggled with her weight growing up before meeting her boyfriend who whipped her into shape and she has since cultivated a six-pack after losing nearly FIVE STONE.


Personal trainer, Stefanie Macherhammer (27), from Styria, Austria, was genetically prone to obesity from her family history and this resulted in her reaching a peak weight of 14st after her hard work lead her to indulge in ready meals and fast food.

Stefanie is shown before her weight loss (on the left) and after her transformation donning a six-pack (on the right).
Stefanie Macherhammer /


Her weight caused her to have joint pains and made her feel uncomfortable in her own skin and while she tried losing weight through her own methods of working out at the gym and reducing her meals, she wasn’t successful.


She met her boyfriend, Moritz Werner, in 2012 who was already committed to the gym at the time. After witnessing Stefanie feeling insecure about her body, he helped her with training in the gym; she now focuses on weight lifting instead of cardio which has helped her shrink to 9st 4Ibs, transforming her fat into pure muscle.

Stefanie with her personal trainer boyfriend before her weight loss.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“I felt unhappy with my look – I had joint issues and was too shy to wear the clothes I like to because I felt so uncomfortable,” Stefanie said.


“I preferred to wear loose black clothes that hid my belly and arms. It was horrible during the summer.

Stefanie credits her boyfriend (on the right) for her incredible transformation. Stefanie Macherhammer /


“I don’t have ‘good genes’. I really struggled in the past. Being genetically prone to obesity, I was a fat child and at the age of thirteen, I started counting calories and felt guilty of eating just five-hundred calories a day.


“I gained fat again with my favourite meals of pesto pasta, lots of bread, German bread dumplings, nachos and my love of beer.

She now says she feels free to wear any clothes she likes and is shown here wearing a slinky black dress.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“I was also studying all day or working in the office and very hard during weekends which made me blind to what was happening to my body.


“I hated looking at myself in the mirror and tried to avoid reflective surfaces including; every glass, window, mirrors and I would wear clothes to hide my body.

Stefanie would cover her body in baggy clothes before her weight loss.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“I felt uncomfortable in my body and the first joint issues occurred when I was twelve. I switched to starving myself and was afraid to eat – even salads were too much.


“The real progress started when my partner in life started to educate himself by doing lots of research.

Stefanie showing off her envious figure after her transformation. Marie Claire /


“He coached me and helped me with my training of weight lifting and bodybuilding as well as my nutrition. We created a fitness lifestyle together.


“He wanted to help me because I was unhappy with my body and situation. He does a lot of online research to educate himself regarding training and nutrition.

Stefanie felt very insecure before her transformation and would experience joint pains.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“He taught me how to train, how to execute the exercises and basics about human anatomy, biomechanics as well as chemistry and how to feel or squeeze every muscle.


“He loved me before and how I looked, and he loves me now. Both of our bodies changed as well as the way we think regarding ‘aesthetic’. We are happy about getting the best versions of each other and improving together.

Stefanie after her weight loss.
Rawpix /


“I feel so much more confident now – I can wear whatever I want to, I have the ‘freedom’ to and I don’t need to hide anymore. It’s a great feeling.”


She now sticks to four meals a day; two meals before training and focuses on weight training which has helped her sculpt her toned torso.

Stefanie is shown all in black before her weight loss.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“I’m tracking my food now. Put everything on the scale, measuring it and tracking it in an app (MyFitnessPal),” Stefanie said.


“I’m eating about four meals a day; two meals before training, those are low carb, omega 3, rich and fatty fish, organic free-range eggs and red organic quality meat with lots of greens and two meals after my workout; carbs with lean white fish or meat.

Stefanie in a green dress after her weight loss.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“It’s important to learn how to squeeze the muscle and put tension on it in order to put tension on the muscle you want to train, not just moving heavy weights.


“The hardest part was learning to combine effort and execution in the gym, creating a lifestyle that helps me to achieve my goals for long-term success.

Stefanie and her boyfriend looking loved up.
Stefanie Macherhammer /


“Learning that food isn’t the enemy was hard for me and teaching myself to eat more and train harder was difficult. Quality food is an investment in your body and health and muscles need nutrition to grow.


“Most people think we are cute together as a ‘fit couple’. We like to laugh and ‘shake’ in the gym sometimes. It’s beautiful to share the fitness lifestyle together, pushing each other and sharing the same passion.

Stefanie after her weight loss.
Stefanie Macherhammer /

“Some are impressed and love my new muscular curves, some think it looks ‘manly’ now, some are envious. But there will always be people with different opinions and haters as well.”


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