Travelling round Havana Cuba. André De Mello /

By Alyce Collins


THIS filmmaker isn’t your average traveller, he’s swapped the backpacks for private chefs and luxury resorts which can set him back over £100K for a week.


André De Mello (36), a content creator and filmmaker, is living the life of absolute luxury after falling in love with travelling and staying at luxury hotel resorts around the world.

An incredible pool in the Hotel Villa Honegg.
André De Mello /


André grew up in Rio de Janeiro until he decided to relocate to New York at the age of nineteen, where he studied at Hunter College for a degree in film studies, sparking the beginning of his directing career.


André produced and directed a Brazilian television series called ‘Amazing Hotels’ in which he visited numerous luxury hotels across the world to enlighten audiences of the incredible destinations and the exotic resorts to stay in. Whilst working on this series, André found his new passion for travelling in style.

The Keemale resort in Phuket where Andre visited in May.
André De Mello /


“I fell in love with luxury hotels then,” André explained.


“Seeing different countries and learning about different cultures is the ultimate luxury. It’s an opportunity few people get in life and I like to think I’m a better person for it.

The Ritz-Cartlton Phulay Bay, Thailand.
André De Mello /


“My goal is to be able to explore and enjoy our beautiful planet and to share its beauty with as many people as possible.


“So far, I’ve loved Japan and the Maldives the most I think – I’m obsessed with clear waters and the sea.”

Enjoying the Six Senses Samui resort.
André De Mello /


André has gained a huge following of over thirty-five thousand followers on Instagram, where he regularly shares photos of his latest location. Pictures often include a backdrop of clear tropical seas, infinity pools and gorgeous mountain ranges in the distance.


Iconic luxury resorts include many holiday benefits, including wine cellars, an iPhone for local use, dedicated concierge, a private chef on call and personal bikes for exploring the resort.

Andre recently enjoyed a trip to Bangkok.
André De Mello /


All of the extravagant amenities come with a grand price tag, with the most expensive destination André has stayed in costing over £16,000 ($22,000) a night for the Sunset Villa within the Rheeti Rah in the picturesque Maldives. André usually stays in each location between seven and ten days, so a ten-day stint in this magnificently grand villa could set André back over £160,000.


For the hefty price tag of this particular villa, residents get an ocean view, two bathrooms, a welcome bottle of champagne, two golf carts, 2,000 square metres of private beach as well as the aforementioned complimentary features.

Inside the Gran Hotel Manzana, Havana, Cuba.
André De Mello /


Other incredible resorts where André has had the privilege of staying include the Six Sense Laamu resort, which can cost between £5,000 to £14,000 for a week’s stay, the Frutt Resort & Spa, Keemale in Phuket and Hotel Emiliano in Brazil.


Despite having experienced many of the world’s most exotic and expensive resorts, André has his sights set on seeing even more.

Andre at the One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives.
André De Mello /


“The best way to start is to become familiar with the travel industry, hospitality and what the luxury market is all about,” added André.


“Thankfully there is so much information out there.

The Hotel La Suita in Rio, Brazil.
André De Mello /


“I’m always learning and overcoming problems which is what I believe we are on earth for. I think I’ll always be travelling as long as I am able to do so – I’m a very curious person and I love change and contrast.


“I’d love to go to Hawaii and also Macchu Picchu, but honestly I’d love to visit every corner of the Earth.”

Andre models the Recreate Beachwear swimming trunks.
André De Mello /


You can find out more about luxury travel by visiting André’s website  André De Mello or his Instagram @andredemello.


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