By Liana Jacob


THIS COUPLE with a THIRTY-THREE YEAR AGE GAP say it was love at first sight when they met and after just SEVEN MONTHS of dating they are married and trying for a baby.

In December 2018, manager, Elizabeth Bonanno (22) from Arizona, USA, met credit analyst, Keith (55) from Ohio, USA, at a bowling alley and at the time she was in a bad place mentally due to a previous relationship.

The two connected instantly and began dating in January 2019. Throughout their relationship, Keith managed to restore Elizabeth’s faith in love after going through a tough break-up. Their shared interests and attraction to each other meant that their age gap never even crossed their minds.

A picture of Elizabeth and Keith. MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Bonanno

Initially, Keith’s family were a little sceptical about their age gap, however, his three children Justin (26) and McKayla (18), Scotty (15), were all very happy for him and after he met all of Elizabeth’s family, who were concerned in the beginning, he won them over.

In February 2019, Keith proposed to her three times all to which she said yes; one in front of a few of her friends, in front of her adopted dad and again in front of his daughter.

They have since been trying for a baby but have been struggling due to Elizabeth having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), but they have both agreed to continue trying.

“Keith and I were on the same bowling league, and we were paired to bowl against each other in December 2018 right before Christmas,” Elizabeth said.

“I was in a very bad place mentally and he pulled me out of it like it was nothing. He was a stranger to me and then all of a sudden, I had a new best friend.

“I believe it was love at first sight because of the way we clicked immediately. Honestly what we both have come to figure out is that what attracted us the most to each other was our personality and the way we love to help others.

A picture of Keith and Elizabeth kissing (2). MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Bonanno

“The age gap has never been a problem to either one of us. To me age is just a number and the same goes for him. If two people are happy then that’s all that should matter.

“Keith helped me realise how important self-health is after I left my previous relationship. I didn’t know what to do, initially I was going to leave town, but something at 4:30 in the morning told me to call Keith.

“He answered on the first ring. I told him that I was leaving, and I left the man that I was with. He says please come to me and let’s talk about it.

“He said please let me be the shoulder for you to cry on, let me hold you so you know you are safe. Once I realised that, I fell in love with my best friend, a man I never thought I could be in love with.

“We went on a couple dates, we laughed we danced we sang, and we just had fun it felt so free. From there the rest is history.

Elizabeth and Keith saying their vows on their wedding day. MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Bonanno

“His family was a little concerned at first but now they have warmed up; his kids were all for it right away – as long as he is happy, they’re happy.

“My family; well it’s been rough but recently he has met a ton of my family and they have all just fallen in love with him.

“They’re so happy to see me so happy; my grandfather and my sisters have always been happy for me too. Keith has restored a part of me that I thought I’d never get back.

“He shows me every day that he has my back and that he loves me unconditionally. We talk about things, communicate very well and understand each other’s needs.”

Elizabeth says that in February 2019 Keith proposed to her three times and she said ‘yes’ all three times.

Their whirlwind romance ended up being what she needed to heal, and they got married just one month after they got engaged.

Elizabeth and Keith pictured after they got married. MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Bonanno

“We got engaged in February, actually he asked a couple different times; one time in front of a bunch of my friends at a saloon, another in front of my adoptive dad and another in front of his daughter and I did say yes all three times,” she said.

“He said the reason he asked three different times in three different places, was basically to do it in front of different friends and family so that no one would feel left out.

“Originally it started out as a joke and he was like ‘so do you want to be my wife?’ I was like ‘duh yes’. Then we dance and had a blast in a western bar.

“The second time was at a karaoke bar; Keith and I were talking and joking about the other bar and how he asked me to be his wife and I told him ‘the only way I will marry you is if you ask my dad’.

“So, he got up immediately and asked dad and the next thing I know he had a microphone, called me to the front and that’s when he dropped to one knee. Of course, I said yes.

A pictured of Keith and Elizabeth. MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Bonanno

“Then the third time, we wanted to get me my engagement ring. Instead of just putting it on my finger he came home from work, and with the help of his daughter Mckayla, he surprised me with a ring and expressed his love for me.

“He asked me once more if I would marry him and I just grabbed his face and kissed him. Then he went to put the ring on my finger, and I was shaking so bad because it felt so surreal.

“My wedding day was so exciting; I was so nervous and just full of butterflies. The look on his face when he saw me coming was priceless. He started to tear up and so did I.

“We would love to have children or a child of our own, but we are having a hard time conceiving because I have PCOS.

“No matter what Keith just keeps telling me the time will come and to just keep believing. Don’t give up. We get asked a lot ‘is that your dad?’ ‘does the age bother you?’ – but we always laugh and just respond ‘nope! That’s my husband/wife’.

“The only message I would say to anyone is, if two people are happy let them be happy because tearing down one person’s life doesn’t make your life any better.

“If two people love each other and work well together, leave them be. We love what we have, but not everyone does. That’s just how the world is.”