Rafael Moura / mediadrumworld.com

By Mark McConville

BRAVE slackliners have been pictured walking the ropes above Rio de Janeiro, with the half a mile drop showing the city in all its glory.

Rafael Moura / mediadrumworld.com


The stunning shots show the daredevils tread across an eighty-two-foot-long high line on Pedra da Gávea mountain with an amazing sunrise illuminating the city landscape behind.

The images were captured by Brazilian photographer Rafael Moura (30).

Rafael Moura / mediadrumworld.com


Rafael had not planned to take any shots but fell into a lucky coincidence as he climbed the mountain with his friend.

“This is what I love about photography. You never know what is waiting for you,” he said.

Rafael Moura / mediadrumworld.com


“The world is full of surprises. I’m very glad that I had my camera on me. I climbed Pedra da Gávea with a friend of mine who knew some guys were also going up there to do highline.

“We spent the night and camped on the top. I wasn’t supposed to stay there. I just went to shoot the sunset and head straight down back home afterwards.

Rafael Moura / mediadrumworld.com


“My friends convinced me to stay and shoot the sunrise in the next morning. I didn’t take food, a tent or even proper clothes to spend the night.

“We shared the food and a tent. I don’t regret a thing. It was magical and unforgettable. One of those moments that make you feel alive.

“The shots were taken during sunset and sunrise, when there’s not much of a crowd.”