Terra Nova, 1910. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

INCREDIBLE pictures of 20th century polar explorers who risked their lives have been brought to life in expert colour.

The series of images show Captain Robert F. Scott wrapped up warm in the snow and standing next to a heavily-laden sledge. Other pictures depict Australian Cecil Thomas Madigan who was expedition leader on the Australasian Antarctic Expedition of (1911 – 1914) sailing on the Aurora. Madigan was a meteorologist for the first two years of the trip and was later responsible for the Greenland dogs.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com


Another picture shows men and dogs aboard the Terra Nova in 1910, whilst another shows the expedition’s Henry Bowers, Edward Wilson and Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

The images were colourised by French bank technician, Frédéric Duriez (52), he explained why he decided to bring this selection into the 21st century.

Henry Bowers, Edward Wilson and Apsley Cherry-Garrard. Antarctic explorers, 1910. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

“I colourised these photos because I wanted to pay homage to these explorers, who risked their lives and went on this adventure with little sophisticated means,” he said.

“They are people with immense courage and not afraid of danger.

Dimitri Geroff on return from The Barrier, January 29, 1912. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

“Unfortunately, some died during this expedition.”

Captain Robert Falcon Scott was a British Royal Navy officer and explorer who led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions: The Discovery Expedition (1901–1904) and the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition (1910–1913).

The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration started at the end of the 19th century and ended after WW1. During this era, the Antarctic was the focus of international efforts that resulted in intensive scientific and geographical exploration.

Cecil Madigan. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

Seventeen major expeditions were launched from 10 countries – 19 men died on expeditions to the Antarctic during this time including five who died during Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition.

Frédéric detailed the difficulties he faced during the colourisation process.

“The main difficulty was to find the colour of the equipment used at that time,” he said.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

“I did research on the internet and I hope that it translated well into reality.

“I had many positive reactions from people who saw these pictures, through colourisation they the photos don’t seem like they’re a hundred years old, they seem more recent.”

Edgar Evans, 1911. Frédéric Duriez / mediadrumworld.com

Striking images like these are featured in British author Michael D. Carroll’s new book, Retrographic on the colourisation of historical images.

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