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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the super sexy plus size pole dancer who held off pursuing her hobby after only seeing slim dancers take part and is now encouraging other curvy women to take up the sport.

Beauty therapist, Katie-Rose Chesters (26) from Merseyside, UK, always wanted to pole dance after becoming infatuated with dancers and burlesque when she was a teenager. Katie has been dancing for a year and a half and wishes she knew that women of all shapes and sizes can dance and credits the pastime for making her feel sexy.

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


Katie practices for around five hours a week and has even inspired her Instagram followers to pole dance, something she says is the best feeling.

“I’ve always wanted to pole dance. I’ve been obsessed with pole dancers, strippers, gogo dancers and burlesque performers since I was a teenager,” she said.

“It gives me the opportunity to escape for a few hours a week and get in touch with my inner hoe. I was never in it for fitness and exercise, I wanted to feel sexy and perform badass routines.

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


“I’ve met some amazing friends going to showcases and competitions is like seeing people you’ve known forever.

“I wish I had known fat girls dance too years ago. I was always put off because I thought I was too big, I’d only ever seen slender dancers unless it was a big girl being mocked.

“One day I decided I didn’t care anymore and signed up. I want to inspire other women to give dancing a go, no matter what their shape or size.

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


“I’ve been told by a couple of followers that I gave them the confidence to give pole dancing a go and it makes me so proud, more for them. It might be selfish but it makes me feel amazing knowing I helped towards that decision.

“I practice mainly in the studio and do floorwork at home. If I listen to music whilst doing housework and think, ‘this would make an awesome routine’, I try it out there and then, even if I end up on the kitchen floor doing body rolls and turns.”

Katie, who is also a mum of two, gets frustrated when she can’t master a move the first time but encourages beginners to be patient.

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


“My biggest problem is time. I’d be at the studio everyday if I could but being a parent always comes first,” she said.

“I get frustrated sometimes when I just can’t get a move, I can be really hard on myself and put myself in a bad mood.

“The whole community is so positive. Performing within the pole community is such a buzz, I bought a whole group of friends to my first competition and they loved it, some even took up classes afterwards.

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


“Look for your local studio and message them, they will reassure you and help you through.

“You won’t start your first week by going upside down and they will take it slow. Search hashtags on Instagram like #curvygirlspole and #plussizepoledancer and join the group ‘celebrating plus size pole dancers’ on Facebook.

“That group is my life line, it’s full of positive and empowering women.”

Katie-Rose Chesters / mediadrumworld.com


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