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By Mark McConville

INCREDIBLE images have revealed a stunning ski resort that is made almost entirely of repurposed shipping containers.

The striking structure is built into the mountainside in a pyramid-like shape with each shipping container perched on top of the other while they are supported by steel poles.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort / mediadrumworld.com


The small size of the hotel doesn’t mean one should miss out on any of the luxury one might expect on a ski holiday as other pictures show the beautiful interior with a spiral staircase, Jacuzzi and twin beds in a spacious room.

The picturesque Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort is located in the Caucasus mountain range in Gudauri, Georgia.

Minimalistic in concept the hotel cascades down the natural landscape offering generous terrace space with stunning views of the Caucasus mountains available from every room.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort / mediadrumworld.com


The resort has five levels, with the reception and dining area on the first floor and the guest rooms topped on one another.

The guest rooms are made up of individual containers clad in wood panelling, each with a glazed wall that leads out to an open-air deck to enjoy the stunning views. The resort offers single rooms as well as larger family and deluxe suites.

The nearest ski lift is just a five-minute walk from the hotel while a ski depot is also available for hotel guests, making it ideal for skiers.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort / mediadrumworld.com


In addition to many skiing trails found in the area, the resort also offers yoga classes and other healthy activities such as swimming.

Of course, for those who’d just like to sit back and relax after a day of whizzing through the mountains, there’s also a toasty sauna.

No pricing details are available but booking enquiries can be made to the hotel.

Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort / mediadrumworld.com