BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Annie now. Annie Ramage /

By Ben Wheeler

MEET the stunning young British woman who has gained a super-hot gym body despite living with a debilitating tiredness caused by anaemia.

Makeup artist, Annie Ramage (22), from Birmingham, UK, has always been into sports since she was young thanks to growing up in an active family. However, during her late teenage years Annie stopped all physical activity due to her anaemia which lead to her feeling lethargic and saw her sleep for longer than usual.

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Annie before. Annie Ramage /

Annie, who previously weighed 10st 10lbs, has lost almost a stone in the nine months since she switched up her diet and fitness routine which has seen her become an avid fan of weight training.

“I’ve suffered from anaemia since I was young and before I got really into fitness I was always super tired and my muscles were weak,” she said.

“It’s also prevented me from doing a lot of normal everyday things with my family and friends.


“It’s been tough to live with anaemia but by pushing myself daily and giving myself motivation I’ve been able to overcome it and I don’t have to take medication anymore.”

At 9st 11lbs, she now heads to the gym five times a week and strictly watches her food consumption with a high protein, low sugar diet.

“I use EatRightUK who supply me with meal preps and they’ve helped so much as I never knew where to begin with food when I started training,” said Annie.

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Annie now. Annie Ramage /

“I now go to the gym five times a week whereas before I probably went twice on average.

“I’ve always loved training my glutes so I do them three times a week, fasted cardio as well is a must in the morning before breakfast to burn any fat on my belly and hips.

“I also do a lot more weights now as they burn fat but you also get the benefit of muscle definition.”

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Annie now. Annie Ramage /

Annie regularly has other women asking about her fitness transformation and has a message for those who want to turn their life around but don’t know where to start.

“A lot of people ask me if I can guide them in the right direction,” she added.

“I always take the time to reply to all the comments and messages I receive as I know it’s not easy at the beginning.

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Annie now. Annie Ramage /

“My advice would be to always believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do it, setting goals each week is the key to being successful.

“It’s crucial for people to realise that fitness isn’t about how you look, it’s how healthy you are which is the most important thing.”

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