Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

MEET the super sexy blonde pilot who has been keeping her 67K Instagram followers entertained through posting her adventures both in the skies and on land.

Incredible pictures show airline pilot, Eva Claire Marseille (31) from Haarlem, The Netherlands, preparing for take-off in the cockpit of her Boeing 737, riding a camel across the desert and letting off some steam with kick boxing practice. Other envy-inducing photos show Eva unwinding with some yoga.

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

Stunning video clips show Eva’s view from the plane as it flies through the skies and as it lands at Malaga airport. Based in Barcelona, Eva has been a pilot for four years now and is currently preparing to move to Hong Kong to fly the Boeing 747 jumbo jet.

“I always wanted to become a journalist, as I loved writing and it seemed like a job that could get me abroad, working with a lot of different people. I knew I never wanted to have a nine to five office job,” said Eva.

“I studied literature and journalism but as I approached my bachelor degree, I started to doubt this career path, and aviation came to my mind. Being an airline pilot seemed such an amazing career to me but I always thought it would be unattainable.

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

“I decided to visit a flight school to see the requirements and it turned out I met all of them. From that moment on I was set on becoming a pilot and started at a flight school after obtaining my university degree.

“The perks are living in places that I always dreamed about living, now Barcelona and soon Hong Kong. I never get tired of the views we have from the sky.

“I truly love flying and the operational aspects of it, I love my job so much. I think this shines through on my Instagram account.

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

“Initially I shared some pictures with the views I had from the flight deck on Facebook, as I felt these views were incredible but I didn’t want to bother my friends with work pictures so I decided to start posting on Instagram.

“The account was public, it grew bigger and bigger and I noticed this was especially through the selfies. The job of a pilot speaks to a lot of people and I love that my account inspires people to chase their dreams be it in aviation or outside of aviation.

“I hope to motivate people to get everything out of life. I get a lot of questions from future pilots, girls who consider an aviation career, a lot of people like following my adventures at work and in my life.”

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

Eva flies between two to four flights a day all around Europe. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and mountain climbing, works out with a personal trainer twice a week and attends yoga, boot camp and kickboxing classes.

She hopes to encourage others to follow their dreams.

“We grow up in a society where we think of certain professions as male or female. When young girls are never exposed to women in the flight deck, they pick different role models in other professions,” she explained.

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

“The idea of choosing a career as an airline pilot simply does not occur to many girls. It is in our nature to be inspired by someone of our own gender.

“Female pilots of my generation are by no means pioneers in this profession but because we are really out there as female pilots on social medial and featured in articles, we become more visible to the new generation.

“I hope it leads to more girls choosing this profession, besides inspiring the new generation, I hope to bring across that through hard work and dedication, one can achieve a lot.”

Eva Claire Marseille / mediadrumworld.com

For more information see www.instagram.com/flywitheva