By Ben Wheeler

FASCINATING historic photographs have emerged of Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Franklin D. Roosevelt on vacation during their respective terms in office.

The images come amidst widespread fury of Presidential incumbent Donald Trump’s 17-day stay away from the White House at his Bedminster, New Jersey Golf Club.

Public Domain /

The black and white snaps show Coolidge making plans for a summer retreat on Mackinac Island, Michigan, whilst Roosevelt is seen with male companions, as part of hunting parties in Texas and Colorado.

Other photos show Roosevelt accompanied by family, including wife Eleanor, boarding a train from Washington DC to Florida for their own getaway.

President Coolidge is invited to establish summer White House at Mackinac Island, Michigan. Public Domain /

The couple would routinely venture to their “winter White House” beachside retreat in Miami for its year-round sunshine.

The vintage images serve as a reminder of a Presidents’ humanity, with a long history of various heads of state taking a much-needed break from the day-to-day stress that comes with being the leader of the free world.

President Roosevelt and hunting party, Dr. Chapman and Mr. Stewart – on the vacation trip to Texas and Colorado, U.S.A. Public Domain /

However, Trump’s “working vacation” has been met with much scorn and anger by the American public and sections of the media as he seemingly goads North Korea into nuclear conflict via his Twitter account, all whilst out on the course perfecting his swing.