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By Liana Jacob

Sizzling pictures from a new book show the enviable life led by what could be the world’s most lucky pigs.

Stunning pictures show a group of two dozen sun-kissed pigs swimming alongside tourists in the clear blue waters of the Bahamas. The porkers can also be seen frolicking on the beach, enjoying an impromptu shower from a water bottle and being petted by their human visitors.

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Jeff Todd, 36, fell in love with the pigs of the island three years ago and began writing his book shortly after this.

“Like the swimming pigs, I think this book will surprise a lot of people,” said Todd.

“I learned a great deal about how important the swimming pigs are to The Bahamas.

“But I also learned a lot about the pig itself and its historical, religious and sociological complexity.”

Kerry Sanders with the swimming pigs. Charlie Smith /

His most memorable interview was with Rachel Crockett, mother of Jillian, who suffers from Doose Syndrome. She asked to see the swimming pigs through the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

“I found it really moving to hear their story. It reminded me that the swimming pigs make people happy,” he says.

“The tour operators, and Bahamians in general, truly care for the pigs and have their best interests at heart. The attraction has become so popular that more regulation is inevitable.

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“Enclosures have been built to give the pigs more shade. Troughs are in place so the pigs don’t have to eat food covered in sand.

“Signs have been put up prohibiting guests from feeding the pigs harmful substances like beer or rum.”

To help with the improvements made to the island he has decided to donate a portion of every book sale to the Bahamas Humane Society.

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“It is such an unusual story and as I started writing it, the book took me in directions I did not expect,” said Todd.

“I hope readers are not only entertained by the story, but also given a new perspective on our relationship with animals in the 21st century.”

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