Photographer, Robert King overlooks Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Robert King /

By Rebecca Drew

QUIRKY selfies showing the wonders of the world through one photographer’s FEET have been captured. The eye-grabbing shots offer a new perspective on some of the most recognised locations on earth.

Photographer, Robert King sits on the ground of Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Robert King /

The images document the photographer’s one-hundred-thousand-mile journey which included sitting over the Great Wall of China, feeding Kangaroos in Sydney and perching on the salty surrounds of the Dead Sea.

Other images show him sitting on the ground of Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and contrastingly at the top of the Big Apple’s skyline. Another stunning image shows him overlooking Arizona’s famous Horseshoe Bend and sitting beside Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building.

Photographer, Robert King overlooks the Great Wall of China. Robert King /

The pictures were taken by Australian photographer and content creator Robert King (27) as he travelled all over the world. Robert shoots his pictures using a Nikon DSLR and a GoPro which he says is essential for travel photography.

“I actually take this type of shot in every country I visit. I have nothing against the selfie, I just feel awkward taking a close up photo of my face,” said Robert.

Photographer, Robert King sits overlooking a desert. Robert King /

“This was just a way to show my friends and family I was in a cool location. You can see the view from my perspective, which makes you feel like you are involved and in the moment.

“My goal is to stand in front of interesting things. It could be animals, landscapes, relics or people.”

Photographer, Robert King in Iceland. Robert King /

Robert has travelled all over the planet to gain his portfolio of interesting images from Nepal, Jordan, Mexico, Australia, Iceland, China to California, Arizona, New York and Malaysia.

Despite being lucky enough to have visited all of these amazing places, Robert says that he doesn’t have a favourite.

“I think it’s important to have no expectations when you travel. Australia has always been home for me and I’m always really excited to go back,” said Robert.

Photographer, Robert King sitting on a boat going towards the mountains. Robert King /

“Visually Iceland was amazing, the people in Nepal were so hospitable and the history in China and Jordan was unparalleled. There is something amazing in every country I have visited.

“I think it’s important to leave things how you found them. Often we go far in search of the perfect shot so it’s important to respect your surroundings, try not to make an impact or leave a trace.

Photographer, Robert King sits overlooking the Al-Khazneh temple in Petra. Robert King /

“I try to be a fly on the wall.”

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Photographer, Robert King sits overlooking the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Robert King /