Oak Park. Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

BREATH-TAKING aerial images have revealed a bird’s eye view of life that goes on along beautiful coastlines.

Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

As the summer in the UK marches on, stunning photographs show a cyclist riding along the shore line of one sandy beach, swimmers hanging out in a sea pool as waves crash against the rocks and even a bride and groom lying adoringly on the edge of a cliff.

Other beautiful drone shots show a cargo ship sailing out to sea and two red lifeboats setting out on a rescue.

Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

The incredible pictures were taken around Sydney, Australia by photographer Matt Johnstone (29) of Out Droning. To capture the photos, Matt used a Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 4 Professional.

“The majority of my images are coastal shots as I live in a beach suburb,” said Matt.

“I try to capture to beautiful landscapes of when the ocean meets land. It’s amazing how different things look from above.

“I try to keep the picture as realistic as possible, as I find this the best way to keep the coastal shots looking beautiful.

Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

“I originally saw a few people flying drones around the local park and thought that would be fun. I started researching about them and figured out the DJI drones were the best on the market.

“From that stage I became hooked, flying with any spare time I had, which I still do today, I’ve been in the drone business for just over a year now.

“I love the different perspectives it gives. It’s a view birds have seen for thousands of years, and now due to technology, we can see it too.”

Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

Matt posts his drone shots on his Instagram account and says that he loves inspiring people to take up the pastime.

“I have a huge fan base from around the world who love my drone photography,” added Matt.

“I get messages and emails on a daily basis asking me how I got the shot or how I edit it. I love inspiring others and I will continue to for a long time.

Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com

“If you were thinking about getting into drone photography, I would say go right ahead.

“It is the most rewarding hobby out there. You can go and shoot the same spot every day and it’ll always be different.”

Bronte. Out Droning / mediadrumworld.com