Experts in social media marketing like to talk about the raw power of their instruments. In reality, succeeding in this environment is more challenging than you may think. Modern communication technologies allow brands to reach a wide audience, boost brand awareness and sales. However, success does not come to everyone. Discover 7 facts marketers would rather not admit.

Today, almost every company is trying to promote itself on social media platforms. Modern technologies like this tool for advertising in social media allow you to manage and coordinate campaigns across platforms with little effort. An efficient strategy with successful execution can help virtually any business. At the same time, this field has its intricacies. 


Your Advertising Will Not Be Free

Any company can post on social media for free. At the same time, it can pay for ads. What is the point of the latter if you can simply generate content?

It is true that creating a profile and filling it with information does not require any subscriptions or fees. The platform allows you to share anything you like. However, although funding your strategy is not necessary, you will have to invest a lot of time in this form of promotion.

Building a profile takes a few hours. The most basic posting will require at least several hours per week. If you look at the big picture, the cost becomes apparent. Time is money, which is why most brands choose paid ads.


There is No Recipe for Success

Professional marketers may claim to know all the secrets, but this is simply not true. There is no verifiable way to guarantee a positive outcome for any brand. First, every industry and company is unique, with its own audience, background, strengths, and weaknesses. Secondly, no universal strategy exists. 

Social media platforms are constantly evolving. This requires incessant improvement and adaptation of advertising methods. There are just too many variables to consider.


Your ROI Will Be Poor Until You Gain a Lot of Followers

In the beginning, your return on investment will probably be far from spectacular. Success requires a lot of subscribers. Suppose you spend 10 minutes writing a decent post and then share it with 100 followers. What if your audience included 10,000 followers instead? Your ROI would be a hundred times as big, provided that the users have a genuine interest in your product. Only when your audience grows will your efforts pay off.


With Unpaid Posts, Your Reach Is Limited

Social media platforms attract advertisers to get revenue. They cannot achieve this goal through unpaid posts. In addition, your reach may not be as wide as you expect. The exposure gained from organic posts is restricted. 

The number of your followers is bigger than the number of users who will see your posts. Bear this in mind when you evaluate the potential of your organic campaign. Most probably, it will be far less impactful than you think.


Data Alone Means Nothing

Social media platforms provide insights into user behavior, demographics, and interaction habits. However, this data does not tell you everything. Specifically, it does not provide qualitative details. 

For example, you cannot understand how individuals perceive your brand, as the algorithms can only identify positive or negative words in the comments. This data cannot provide fresh ideas, either. Unless you ask the right questions, the insights are not actionable — they are merely a bunch of numbers.

Do not count on data alone. Assimilate it, apply insights from other sources, and use your understanding of the audience. Unless you interact with potential customers, your growth potential is limited.


Inconsistent Content Marketing is Fatal

According to research, over half of marketers lack a consistent approach to content. Meanwhile, a solid, intentional, and consistent marketing plan is crucial if you want to build an engaged following. This methodology must include the following components:

  • What type of content is relevant and relatable for your audience (requires research).
  • How you can integrate storytelling elements (requires creative staff).
  • How you will trigger the necessary response (learn from experience).

Your marketing team or hired experts may fail for different reasons. Maybe they do not have enough time to create content, or the volume is too much for them to generate. You may also run into problems if your team cannot come up with original and engaging posts. Finally, it is crucial to measure the effectiveness and improve content whenever necessary.

Any strategy must be documented. First, this is guaranteed to give you confidence. Secondly, it will be easier to justify the costs to the stakeholders.


Adapting is Vital but Laborious

With social media, you cannot settle in a routine and remain successful for years. This environment is ever-changing, with new platforms and features appearing all the time. To stay on top, you need to keep up with new trends, however, exhausting it is. In this field of advertising, you cannot stay comfortable for long periods.


You Will Have a Lot of Regrets

Every company makes typos or mistakes at least occasionally. However, not doing something will be a more frequent regret. Missing a hashtag, and an opportunity for a post or engagement is a common source of frustration. You may see a post from your competitor and then kick yourself for not having thought of it first. However, no strategies are perfect all the time. Do not worry about these things too much.


The Bottom Line

Despite all the ugly truths, social media marketing can be insanely efficient. It is one of the top strategies in terms of cost efficiency and approachability. It works for companies at any stage of growth, regardless of their target market and long-term objectives. Social media platforms can help you achieve your goals if you recognize the benefits and limitations of this channel. Treat it as a medium, and focus on engaging with the audience on the other side.