Cookie before and after weight loss. Cookie Miller /

By Rebecca Drew

THIS WOMAN drastically overhauled her lifestyle to lose almost eight-stone after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes whilst struggling with an addiction to food and now looks STUNNING.

Cookie Miller /

Inspirational personal trainer, Cookie Miller from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA says that she would eat foods others only eat for special occasions daily.

This left her feeling unhappy and unmotivated, she was diagnosed with the skin disorder Acanthosis Nigricans and pre-diabetes when she was 17st 2lbs.

Unhappy and unmotivated: Cookie prior to her weight loss. Cookie Miller /
Now a super fit and healthy 9st 13lbs, Cookie admits that how she looked was more of a motivation for her to lose weight than her health.

“So many unhealthy foods are embedded in the culture of where I am from, I believe that’s a factor. It’s so normal to have a very heavy dinner every day of the week,” explained Cookie.

“What some may view as weekend meals or special occasion food was something we ate daily. I’ve struggled with weight most of my life, but have been an athlete since middle school.

“When I went to college, athletics stopped and that’s where it got out of control.

Cookie Miller /
“Not only was I physically heavy, I felt heavy emotionally. I felt everything that I was; unhealthy, unmotivated, sick and sad.

“I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and Acanthosis Nigricans, can you believe that wasn’t enough to light the fire.

“It was not until I was so unhappy with how I looked that something had to change. Some people will not say this, but, truthfully, aesthetics had more to do with it than health initially.

Cookie Miller /

“Food addiction is very real. That was and is still the hardest part. I really hope to not have to struggle with it at some point, but it is a daily struggle with some days being better than others.”

Cookie went from being a UK size 22-24 to a super slim and svelte UK size six to eight.

Before and after. Cookie Miller /
Acanthosis Nigricans is the medical term for thickened and darkened patches of skin which can appear on the neck, in the armpits or groin. It’s often a sign of an underlying condition such as obesity or diabetes.

“I started with training for a 5K and from there, I got a gym membership and started to take classes. I then started tracking my food intake and the combination of diet and exercise lead to weight loss,” she explained.

“I am so aware of portion-size when it comes to food, I am still such a foodie and love to “see” a large serving so I still have large servings of food, but healthier options. It’s all a mind trick.

“In terms of exercise, I really stopped jumping all over the place. Consistency is such a major key and these days I literally repeat the same workouts over and over and over and it just works.”

Transformation: The new Cookie. Cookie Miller /
Cookie works out five to six days a week and says that people are shocked when they see how much weight she has lost but insists there is no ideal time to start a weight loss journey.

“People who knew me prior to weight loss are always so shocked, they usually tell me they’re proud of me and that I look great, but honesty, most people don’t recognise me at all,” she added.

“I’ve gone to a few stores where people I went to high school with work at and to this day, they have no idea who I am.

Cookie Miller /
“I am so confident in who I am now, I know that I am strong because of the challenges I overcame to get to this point. It’s such a confidence booster.

“There will never be a perfect time where all the stars align, something will always be in the way so do yourself a favour and get going now.”

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