SINGAPORE: Cloud Forest at night. Andy Yong /

By Rebecca Drew

MIND-BLOWING images show what looks like a science fiction megacity is in fact the most spectacular real-life architecture from one Far Eastern city.

SINGAPORE: Cityscape at night. Andy Yong /

The incredible series of shots show the quirky structures from Singapore in all their glory, from the colourful lights of the Supertree Grove standing out against the rest of the skyline to the clinically white and curved Mandai Connection.

One picture even looks inside the stunning five-star Marina Bay Sands hotel. The amazing photographs were taken by Andy Yong (20) from Singapore. To take his pictures, Andy used a Nikon D3300 with a Tonika lens.

SINGAPORE: Marina Bay Sands hotel interior. Andy Yong /

“Back in 2016, photography was a rapidly growing scene in Singapore, especially on Instagram,” said Andy.

“I had a couple friends who were already into photography and after seeing their work and the opportunities it brought, I got inspired and decided to have a go at it myself.

“I try to give a different take on overdone spots and compositions, so I like using props such as phones and crystal balls.

SINGAPORE: Yuag Kuang. Andy Yong /

“One thing I love about shooting landscapes and architecture is that it opens my eyes to the beauty of the world around me.

“Scenic and picturesque locations are a dime a dozen in Singapore and because of photography, I’ve been to most of them.

“For my images, editing plays just as big a part as shooting. I’ll like to take my images so that the RAW files are slightly underexposed as it suits my editing style more.

“Shooting wise, I always look for symmetry and leading lines to frame my shots.

SINGAPORE: Singapore University of Technology and Design. Andy Yong /

“At times, when the weather and lighting aren’t what I want them to be, I either have do extra editing in Photoshop to make the image the way I want it to look or I’ll have to go back another day to shoot.”

Andy is currently doing a mandatory two-year service in the Singapore army and finds time to shoot on his days off. He says that people can’t believe his pictures have been taken in Singapore and hopes to encourage people to get out and explore what’s around them.

SINGAPORE: Cloud Forest Waterfall. Andy Yong /

“After starting photography, I realised many of my friends are unaware of the sights and places Singapore has to offer; which I find a real pity,” he added.

“Through my images, I hope to inspire people to get out and explore more.

“I get a lot of people asking where I take my images. Most of them are in disbelief that this is actually Singapore.

SINGAPORE: Supertree Grove. Andy Yong /

“Another question I get is how do I edit my photos and most of the people I meet are shocked when they find out that I use such an entry level camera and produce photos of this quality.”

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