PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

By Rebecca Drew

THIS young woman lost nearly five-stone in just a year and a half after saying she always felt ‘powerless’ by being overweight.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

At her heaviest, student Giulia Sirchia (21) from Palermo, Italy weighed 14st, 2lbs and was a dress size 18. She never exercised and would eat junk food every day, always feeling sad and different compared to her friends who were always ‘well dressed and perfect’.

Eighteen months later, Giulia has swapped the junk for clean foods and leads an active lifestyle. She is a super slim size 10 and weighs an incredible 9st, 4lbs.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

“I’ve always been insecure and I’ve never loved myself and I think that I’ve always been overweight because I’ve never seriously loved myself,” said Giulia.

“Before losing weight, I always felt sad, powerless and I thought I could never have the courage to change my life.

“My friends always wanted to be well dressed and perfect, I just wanted to succeed in school and my life in general.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

“In 2015, I decided to change my life, I wanted to be happy and feel proud of myself, I started running three times a week and eating healthy.

“I stopped eating junk food, biscuits, cakes and so on but I do sometimes still eat a of pizza or an ice-cream.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

“My life has completely changed, now I’m confident, proud of myself and I know nothing can stop me now.

“I am strong and fearless, I can wear a dress or a skirt without complaining or feeling insecure like before.”

Giulia says that people don’t recognise her anymore and advises anyone who wants to lose weight to give themselves a second chance.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

“The advice I would give to someone who would like to start losing weight is to look at yourself in the mirror, forgive yourself and start thinking about your new life and opportunities,” she added.

“A new life is waiting for you, give yourself a second chance because you deserve to be happy and confident and if you start working on your body, you will. It just takes time but it’s worth it.


PALMERO, ITALY: Giulia Sirchia /

“People don’t recognise me anymore, they’re shocked by my transformation, I always feel embarrassed by this but very happy at the same time.”

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