Darth Vader has replaced Queen Victoria on the statue in Victoria Square, Birmingham. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com


By Mark McConville

BRITAIN’S second city has joined the rest of the world in celebrating world Stars Wars Day through a side-splitting yet sinister photo-mashup of Birmingham.


Paradise (Circus) Lost to AT-AT. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

The amusing pictures which shout, “May the Forth be with you”, shows how a statue of Darth Vader has replaced that of Queen Victoria in the city’s Victoria Square while a pair of Storm Troopers hassle a couple in the background.


The next train from Platform 11b will be calling at Northfield, Longbridge and the Death Star. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

Other surreal shots put together via photo-shop show Yoda waiting for a tram, R2D2 sitting on the back seat of a bus and R2D2 joining C3PO in the queue for a popular Birmingham nightclub.


Yoda waiting for a tram. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

The striking snaps were put together by Birmingham photographer Ross Jukes (35) to celebrate May the Fourth, which has commonly become known as Star Wars Day.

“I saw the work of a photographer called Thomas Dagg, he had done a similar project and I thought it would be fun to use Birmingham as the backdrop,” he said.


Nobody sits at the back of the bus when R2D2 is around. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

“The images were a mix of street/landscape images that I had previously shot. I felt it would be fun to mix the Star Wars characters into everyday situations.

“The shots themselves were very much taken in my normal style. I wanted to give them slightly ‘moody’ feel so I knew I would edit them in black and white.


Birmingham’s 2025 transport system will include ‘Millennium Falcon’. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

“Then it was just a case of finding the right characters for the right situations, I am happy with the final images.”

Ross, who has been working in photography for the last four years, hopes his pictures can add a bit of fun to the day.


C-3P0 & R2D2 hitting up Bambu on a Saturday night. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

“It is all very ‘tongue in cheek’,” he added.

“The reaction has been great; most people have found them humorous and enjoy the subtlety of the images.


Darth Vader has replaced Queen Victoria on the statue in Victoria Square, Birmingham. Ross Juke / mediadrumworld.com

“They are not too ‘over the top’ and I think that is what makes them work.”

For more information see www.facebook.com/rossjukesphotography