By Mahima Kaur


MARVEL-LOUS images of adorable AI superhero babies take us into a world ruled by these pint-sized superheroes.


Stunning images produced by the UK artist MikeandtheMachin3 using AI shows tiny munchkins in their best superhero versions.

Spiderman baby in action.

One of the images shows a tiny AI baby dressed as the invincible Thor.


Another image shows baby Hulk, all angry and green.


These images were worked upon by the artist @mikeandthemachin3 who used various AI tools and manual software to produce this stunning collection.


“I called this project “Welcome to the Baby-verse” where I present, through the power of AI, a Marvel multiverse where the superheroes are babies with all the superpowers of the adult versions we are familiar with,” he said.

Baby Captain America.

“This is a “what if” project, which AI is a perfect tool to assist humans with.


“We see iconic characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther and even the Hulk reduced in size, but enlarged in personality, through this baby-fication process.

Baby Thor.

“Through AI tools like midjourney, in moments we can all create images of characters and worlds we could only have imagined previously.


“My children responded very positively to the images.

Baby Captain America.

“My four year old daughter thought they were hilarious – maybe she saw a little bit of herself in Baby Wonder Woman, or even at times Baby Hulk.”


Find more at @mikeandthemachin3