Coloured chest X-ray of a patient with lung cancer. VOISIN/PHANIE/SPL/

By Timmy Odejimi

MIND-BLOWING images from different medical scans show the pain inflicted by some of our bodies’ most upsetting ailments shown in vibrant colours.

Coloured CT scan of the upper chest showing a tumor in the lungs (in green). VOISIN/PHANIE/SPL/

From the x-ray of a person with arthritis to the ultrasound of a man’s prostate, the thought-provoking pictures illustrate different illnesses people suffer with.


Coloured X-ray of arthritic hands or rheumatoid arthritis. VOISIN/PHANIE/SPL/
These scans and x-rays show just what diseases look like in the human body and the different sizes in which they appear.


Ultrasound scan of the prostate. VOISIN / PHANIE / SPL /
Other images show the x-ray of an Arteriosclerosis while others display the results of a colon cancer screening.

One picture shows the vivid CT scan of a person with lung cancer. The scan allows for a detailed cross-sectional picture of the body, which aids the diagnosis process.

Lung cancer CT scan. PHANIE/SPL/

Another picture shows the x-ray of an individual with lung cancer; a disease that has become far too familiar with cancer patients. The x-ray scan of the lung cancer helps detect and identify the size of the disease.


Coloured chest X-ray of a patient with lung cancer. VOISIN/PHANIE/SPL/
The pictures give a preview to the pain our bodies suffer from such diseases or injuries. The psychedelic colours further help show the severity of these ailments.

Crohn’s disease MRI. PHANIE/SPL/
While most of these diseases and injuries are curable, others are not curable if they have spread to other areas of the body.

The CT scan of the pancreatic tumour for example shows that it has yet to spread far enough around the body for it to be treated.