San Francisco Roulette

By Mark McConville

A RUSSIAN roulette taser game has made its way to America and can now be played underground in an unnamed bar in San Francisco to specially invited participants.

Worrying footage shows two women and two men playing the game against each other as they hold the gun to each person’s head before pulling the trigger.

The women had a work dispute that they decided to settle with this dangerous new game that they heard could be played at the bar.

It’s not known who shot the footage but the man who passed the video along explained what happened. He wished to remain anonymous.

“The girl on the left, Sara, took away the customers at work from Кate, on the right,” he said.

“The man in the glasses, Leon, is a regular at the bar while Michael works with the women. They heard rumours you could play this game in the bar with special Russian roulette pistols.

“Their friends asked the women to solve the conflict with a duel. Anyone wishing to play must sign a contract and it is not cheap to play.

“They were delighted with the game and the revolvers make a loud sound of a gunshot when it shocks you.”

As with any Russian roulette game there is a one in six chance that the person can be shocked once the trigger is pulled.

It had previously been reported that this underground Russian game was making its way to America with a competition and prize money on offer.
The shocking game seems to now be available only to those in the know.

The game is the brainchild of former martial arts fighter Valeriy Eschenko, who has popularised its use in his native Russia.

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