Shark Selfies

By Mark McConville

CHECK OUT these toothy grins as thrill-seeking tourists grab some selfies with huge Great White sharks.

The stunning video and still images show holiday makers capturing a moment they’ll never forget as 15-foot-long 1,000-pound Great Whites swim up behind them and say cheese for the camera.Shark Selfies


The incredible video footage shows just show close these deadly predators come to the tourists and one shark swims right up to the cage for peek inside.

The images and video were taken by staff members and tourists at Calypso Star Charters who provide Advanced Eco Certified Shark Cage Diving and Swimming with Sealion tours in Port Lincoln, South Australia.Shark Selfies


“What you see it our guests and crew taking photos with Great White sharks,” said Calypso Star Charters Social Media and Marketing Manager Nicol Wright.Shark Selfies


“It can either be called a selfie or a photo bombing Great White Shark. The photo is very hard to take and a lot harder than it looks but when it happens it makes for a very good photo.Shark Selfies


“The increase in use of GoPro’s has made it a bit easier with being able to get screenshot from footage taken on the day.”Shark Selfies


Calypso Star Charters was established in 1990 and was recently awarded South Australia’s best Tourist Attraction and Adventure Tourism business in 2016 offering two marine wildlife encounters.Shark Selfies


Nicol said the company hopes to change people’s attitude towards Great White sharks by showing them their true nature on their tours.Shark Selfies


“Great White Sharks are amazing animals and often have a bad reputation,” she said.


“We are very lucky to see them as often as we do appreciate how magnificent they are. It is great seeing all the photos from our charters and see the sharks’ different personalities. They are so misunderstood.


“Many people fear Great White Sharks. As part of our tour we hope to change people’s perceptions and turn them into appreciation of how amazing the sharks really are.”Shark Selfies

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