By Mahima Kaur




HILARIOUS images of two energised hares throwing powerful punches at each other have been captured in North Norfolk.


One of the images shows a hare jumping and punching his opponent.

One of them throws a powerful punch at the other. Norfolk, England

Another image shows one of the hares covering his eyes in what looks like him being sad with his defeat.


Hares are widely distributed throughout Britain but are almost entirely absent from Ireland and north-west Scotland.


Fast-moving animals, Hares are able to run at speeds of up to 56 km/h.


These images were captured by photographer Frances Crickmore using a Canon 1Dx camera.


“I was in the car but had to suddenly stop as they were right near us,” said Frances.

The hares were not bothered by the photographer’s presence. Norfolk, England

“They were boxing and fighting and they seemed oblivious to anything else.


“I spend most of my time photographing hares as they are so amazing.”