By Aimee Braniff Cree


ADORABLE IMAGES show a British matriarch orangutan with her baby son in one arm and her baby grandson in the other.

Images show three generations together as the mischievous baby orangutans cuddling up to female orangutan Jazz (31) as she enjoys a snack.

The one year old Bornean Orangutans are called Jim and Joe.

Jazz  is the mother of baby Jim and the grandmother to baby Joe, with her matriarch instincts showing as she fondly cradles both youngsters.

Jim and Joe are very curious almost straining so they dont miss anything

Jazz actually took over the care of her grandson Joe from birth as his mother Sprout (11) found motherhood difficult.

Since the birth of both youngsters Jazz has been seen nursing Joe alongside her own offspring Jim.

At the zoo Jazz has a famous reputation for flirting with the zookeeper’s and she likes to show off when visitors are in.

Bornean Orangutans are critically endangered so these births are a necessary victory for the species to continue.

These images were captured by photographer Tom Jones (31) from Colchester, England at Dudley Zoo.

Tom captured the baby orangutans on his Canon 90D, he loves to capture orangutans as they are one of the most emotive species.

“Jazz had been relaxing with babies Jim and Joe amongst some bushes so it was quite hard to see, but the little ones started to wake and get active so she started to move around more with them,” said Tom.

“Jazz is the mother of baby Jim and the grandmother to baby Joe.

“Capturing a mother with her baby is always nice with any species, to capture a mother, her baby and her grandson together was an amazing moment.

“Orangutans are so emotive and gentle, looking at them you can almost see what they are thinking, making it a very personal photoshoot.

“My favourite moment was seeing the two boys in Jazz’s arms looking my way, cheeky and fun. These shots certainly took some patience.”