By Mahima Kaur



STUNNING images of a red squirrel performing some serious James Bond stunts have been captured that may put even Daniel Craig in doubt.


Images show a daring red squirrel performing some stunts using its flying and landing skills.


Photographer Ian Groves had a great time capturing them in the sunny Isle of Wight.

This red squirrel’s dangerous stunts and stunning landing may put the best actors to shame. Isle of Wight

Red squirrels have been officially classed as Near Threatened in England due to their rapidly depleting number because of the introduction of grey squirrels from America.


The grey squirrels monopolise food resources and are very competitive when it comes to co-existence.


England’s remnant reds are now fighting back. A five-year scheme has turned the tide in Cumbria and Northumberland, with almost half of sites surveyed last year showing red activity.

The squirrel surely has a smooth landing. Isle of Wight

These stunning images were captured by Ian Groves (55) using a Sony a7iii.

“All the squirrels were very active,” said Ian


“I could get as close as six feet to them.

Its not everyday one sees a squirrel performing such stunts. Isle of Wight

“They are endangered native species in the UK so to photograph them is my utmost privilege.


“Only a few pockets of secure area now exist in which these red squirrels can survive.”