By Sophie Jones


FUNNY images of lion cubs getting into mischief and being told off by their big brother have been captured.


Images show the young cubs being scolded by their older brother after they tried to run away from the family.

A naughty lion cub is given a warning by big brother.

One of the images shows the cubs pouncing upon each other.

Lions are social animals and playing as cubs is an important part of bonding and also helps them hone their hunting skills for when they are old enough to catch big game like their parents.

A pride of lions can have as many 40 members and they work together to hunt and defend their territory from rivals.

These images were captured by IT professional and wildlife photographer Sunny Saha Pramanick (37) from Kolkata, India, using a Nikon D850 camera.


Sunny captured these images while on a game drive in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve from just 10 feet away.

Lion cubs playing on a zebra carcass.

“What happened was two of the cubs got lost and their mothers were looking for them,” said Sunny.

“When they found them, they started their naughtiness and one of the cubs was trying to run away again but the brother caught him and that is when the shot was taken.

“When people see my photographs, they always say, ‘Did you take the shots?’ I would answer yes and then they would say ‘Didn’t you feel scared?’

“They would always ask a lot of questions like was it safe, did they have guns for protection, was the jeep open completely, were the lions wild and what if they attacked?

“I always answered them that, ‘Even if they are wild lions in an open area and close to the Jeep, they had plenty of food available in the savanna so they never attacked humans and they minded their own business, and it was like they ignored us so there was no danger.’”

“After capturing the shots, I thought they were lovely.

A lion cub relaxing with mum.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience.

“The playfulness and naughtiness of the cubs was the most lovable thing for me in these shots.”