By Shannine O’Neill


THIS TALL mum-of-two has turned the tables on the childhood haters by earning £200K in just a year on Onlyfans but she insists men are too threatened to date her seriously and despite being a sex worker she has not had sex in SIX MONTHS.

Content creator Penny (34) from Norfolk, UK has made over £200k in the last year by posting content on her OnlyFans channel for men who fetishise her six-foot-one height, earning enough to pay back the £29K debt she never could as an Occupational Therapist.

Penny started her OnlyFans account in 2022 alongside finishing her degree in occupational therapy, but she soon realised she was making a lot more money posting online than she could ever hope for in her £16.5K occupational therapy job.

Penny’s staggering height has gained her traction on OnlyFans, but she acknowledges that acceptance of her height hasn’t always been easy for her.

Since she was young, she was teased by classmates, especially boys who would call her names and tease her about her height.

Penny showing off her long limbs.

“As a six-foot-one blonde I have been sexualised and hit on since I was 13, now I’ve taken it in my own hands and made thousands of pounds for it,” she said.

“Turning over the money I do is such a great feeling, the fact I have done that because of my height and looks makes me feel great.

“I know people disapprove of the way I make money but all my work is done virtually and I’m not hurting anyone.

“The men that find my height a turn on love to spoil me and pay for what they enjoy and I enjoy my work.”

Penny explained how some of the weirdest requests she has gotten has been to role-play that she is growing and the client is shrinking, with Penny ending up crushing them.

“The most popular are custom role playing videos that I am growing and they are shrinking,” she said.

“They want to be kept in my shoe, boobs or bum most of the time, crushing them.”

Penny has tapped into a specific market on OnlyFans, where men fetishise her staggering height and are willing to pay hundreds of pounds for ‘giantess content’.

“There is a massive fetish out there for tall women,” she said.

“It’s my height that stands out and makes me unique, if I wasn’t so tall there is no way I would make so much money.

“I make a lot of money through tips and PPV for requests on giantess content.

When it comes to her love life, Penny found that men were often displeased at her height and felt too insecure to be with her, leaving Penny in a difficult situation of trying to find a lasting relationship.

Penny often showcases her height by posing next to door frames.

However, Penny realised that she just had to choose wisely with who she would date.

“I used to find dating difficult, I was embarrassed dating shorter men and found it hard to find guys taller than me,” she said.

“But now I’m confident with it. I don’t seem to find it hard at all. It’s all about embracing your height, once you’re comfortable with it you’ll attract the men that love it.

“I have started a few relationships since doing OnlyFans, but have to admit I find that OnlyFans is a massive obstacle if you want a serious relationship.

Men pay Penny to pretend she is growing and they are shrinking.

“It definitely gives a certain impression and causes a lot of jealousy.

“I’ve now stayed single since October and definitely find it much easier that way.

“It’s a little ironic that as a sex worker I haven’t actually had sex in six months.

“I do worry it could affect the possibility of attracting the right person for me in the future but I’m quite content being by myself with my two beautiful daughters making a lot of money.

“But OnlyFans has definitely grown my confidence, I feel more empowered than ever.”