By Freya Coombes

THIS ONLYFANS creator with two vaginas gave birth twice out of her right vagina and is now trying for a third baby out of her left vagina.

OnlyFans content creator Evelyn Miller (31) from Queensland, Australia was born with two wombs, two uteruses and two vaginas.

At the age of 20 Evelyn found out she was pregnant, only discovering she had two vaginas when she visited the doctors for a termination.

After meeting and settling down with her fiancé, electrician Tom (32) by 2020 Evelyn found out she was once again pregnant but, this time, she decided to keep the baby.

Evelyn didn’t discover that she had two vaginas until she was 20 years old.

The pregnancy was considered by medics to be extremely high risk, as Evelyn’s reproductive system is split into two fully functioning organs. This means that her two wombs are only half the size of an average womb. This meant that the baby could have struggled to grow properly due to the lack of space.

As the birth was high-risk, Evelyn required many scans and appointments. Evelyn was pregnant in her right vagina, meaning that she was unable to give birth vaginally because the baby was not positioned centrally in her body. Due to this, a C-section was scheduled.

In June 2021, Evelyn gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Oliver. He was born at 37 weeks and weighed 5.5 pounds because he was growth restricted in her small uterus.

Despite her recovery from the C-section being quick, for Evelyn the procedure lacked the magic of a vaginal birth

Within three months of her first child’s birth, Evelyn once again fell pregnant, also in her right vagina. Again a C-section was scheduled on her right womb for 36 weeks.

In June 2022, after 36 weeks, Evelyn gave birth to a beautiful girl named Amy, weighing only 4.4 pounds. Due to her small size, Amy spent three weeks in the special care unit.

Evelyn is now trying for a third child with her husband. However due to the two previous C-sections Evelyn has endured, her doctor has informed her that she can’t use her right vagina for pregnancies anymore and that, even during sex she must be careful.

Her doctor told her that she must get pregnant in her left vagina this time so the couple have to make sure they have try for a baby on this side of Evelyn’s vaginas.

This has put a dampener on her sex life as Evelyn can only orgasm from her right vagina, meaning sex is less pleasurable for her.

This also means that her husband must use the left vagina, and her right vagina is now reserved for her OnlyFans content despite the warning to be careful during sex.

“The first birth was a high risk pregnancy due to both uteruses being half the size of a ’normal’ uterus, so I had a lot of scans,” she said.

“I was uncomfortable throughout my pregnancy – my bump was over to my right side because I was pregnant in my right uterus, meaning that the baby never sat central, so my back was terrible.

Evelyn showing off her beautiful family.

“I also can’t give birth vaginally so I had a scheduled C-section.

“The C-section experience wasn’t as magical as I thought. I’m thankful that I had a great procedure and nothing went wrong, but I didn’t love the feeling of pulling.

“Recovery was great and easy for me though. It was also nice having the tough decisions taken away from me in a sense, because I had to have a C-section. I didn’t have to make choices for my birth experience like whether I wanted to avoid intervention or not.

“I had my baby at 37 weeks in June 2021 – a healthy little boy, though he weighed 5.5 pounds because he was growth restricted in my small uterus.

“Later that year I got pregnant again – also in my right side – and my specialist wanted to schedule this C-section at 36 weeks.

“We are trying for our third and we have to use my left vagina now as the right has had two c sections my doctor has told us we can’t use the right anymore so we need to be careful when having sex.

“Especially when we film with another guy for OnlyFans we need to make sure that my husband uses the left side, which sucks because I prefer the right.

“The right is the only one I orgasm from so it especially sucks.”

Evelyn first had sex at 17, not knowing that her reproductive organs were different from any other woman’s until she fell pregnant at the age of 20.

When she found out she was pregnant, Evelyn visited the doctors to terminate her pregnancy. After the procedure, she was told they couldn’t find the embryo leading to the doctors performing an internal exam. This led them to the incredible discovery that the missing embryo was in her another uterus.

“Then I had a pregnancy termination when I was 20, and in hospital after the procedure I was told they ‘couldn’t find the embryo’. After an internal exam they realised it was in my other uterus – which I didn’t know I had,” said Evelyn.

“It was a relief to finally discover why everything felt different. When I started having sex it always felt different to me every time, and it wasn’t until this termination procedure that I finally found out what was wrong.

“Once I found out the embryo was still fine, I had to have another termination – which was traumatic.

“I was also pressured by medics to go ahead with the pregnancy due to my rare condition.

“As my reproductive system is split into two fully functioning organs, it means that carrying a pregnancy full-term is risky, as each of my wombs are half the size of an average womb, so there is a risk that the space is too small for the baby to grow.

“When they did the procedure, the doctor punctured my bowel due to the strange shape of my vaginas and reproductive systems.

“After this trauma, I only ever see specialists. Non-specialised doctors are fascinated by my body and even require me to draw a diagram for them”

Evelyn is pregnant for a second time, once again in her right womb.

Evelyn began sex work at the age of 23 after a relationship breakdown, working as an independent escort for seven years and earning up to up to £14,045 for one week’s work. Since meeting her husband, she has ceased being an escort and now creates content on OnlyFans, earning £54,829 a month.

“I began sex work at 23 after a relationship breakdown. I worked as an independent escort for about seven years travelling around the world,” she said.

“It was a glamorous lifestyle, I visited Asia, America, the Maldives, Australia and New Zealand and earned up to £14,045 for one week’s work and made incredible friends I would never have met in a “normal” life.

“I was able to use one vagina for work and one vagina for my personal life, which made the work a lot easier emotionally and physically for me.

“After I quit this, I started OnlyFans, filming adult content with both vaginas – and it’s been very, very successful.

“When I met my husband I quit escorting as it was almost impossible to maintain a healthy monogamous relationship while doing in-person sex work.

“When I realised that having two vaginas doesn’t affect me negatively, I came out publicly on Reddit, socials and OnlyFans, and it has been crazy ever since.

“I don’t wish that I only had one vagina. Having two has made my sex life more fun, and I think it’s important to embrace all bodies – we can all be so different.”